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PayFit Increases the Productivity of Its Sales Team by Tenfold

Clement Spiers, Lead Generation Manager, explains how PayFit uses Livestorm to create product demo webinars to increase the productivity of the Sales team.







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About PayFit

PayFit is a payroll and human resources management solution that makes it easy to create and track time off, expense reports, and payslips. PayFit is used by over 9,000 companies worldwide.


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Adoption: maximum engagement on Livestorm

Clement was looking for a platform that would allow him to do product demonstrations in a group setting. His goal? Invite not-yet-qualified prospects to demo webinars to allow the Sales team to focus only on the most promising ones. He recalls:

In the past, we had organized a Facebook Live to demonstrate the product. But we quickly realized that it wasn't "professional" enough for our needs.

The PayFit Marketing team wanted a professional webinar platform that offered a lot of engagement features. So they naturally turned to Livestorm. Clement remarks:

We noticed right away that on Livestorm, participants comment a lot more. They are much more engaged.

Objective: create an alternative to individual demos

Livestorm allowed PayFit to do both acquisition and to offer an alternative to individual demos.

Clement explains that webinars allow them to host an initial, larger product demos, to qualify prospects who are not yet ready to create an account or register for an individual demo.

These product demo webinars serve to pre-qualify prospects and save the Sales team time. One-on-one demos continue to be part of the sales process, but come into play later in the qualification process.

Their favorite features


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Analyze your events’ engagement data with our powerful reports built into the dashboard.

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Sync your data easily thanks to our native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.

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Embed a registration form on any webpage to capture more registrants.

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Reporting features

Clement particularly appreciates the reporting features of Livestorm. The integrated dashboard gives him an immediate overview of the number of registrants and participants: PayFit generates an average of 80 registrations for its demo webinars, with a 75% participation rate! Using Livestorm's data, Clement also noticed that attendees tended to stay throughout the entire duration of the webinar.

At the end of the webinar, PayFit uses the attendance data and CRM integrations to assign contacts to different campaigns: those who did not attend the webinar are redirected to another session and those who did attend are sent to the Sales team.

Promotion and engagement features

In addition, the PayFit team uses the Livestorm widget to promote their webinars on their website and generate registrations. In parallel, Clement also promotes their events through paid advertising channels. He comments: "Re-marketing campaigns on Facebook Ads work particularly well".

During the webinar, the Marketing teams appreciate the many engagement features of Livestorm. Clement is an avid user of the Q&A notification feature. He notes:

What participants love is all the interaction on Livestorm and taking the time to answer their questions.

Diversifying the usage of Livestorm

Following this success on the French webinars, the PayFit teams are now organizing their demo webinars in several languages (in Spanish, for example, as seen below).

PayFit product demo

In addition, beyond product demos, the Marketing team also uses Livestorm to create content webinars. PayFit invites experts to its webinars to answer participants' questions on legal news. Clement describes:

It is very reassuring for the participants to know that behind PayFit, there is a real expertise!

And it works! PayFit's latest legal news webinars have gathered more than 700 participants with an average of 70 questions.

In the coming months, the PayFit marketing team will continue to re-produce this winning combination of content and product demonstration webinars.

To get the same results as PayFit, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“Livestorm offered an alternative to our 1:1 demos and helped us acquire new customers. We also saw much more engagement as a result!”

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Clement Spiers

Lead Generation Manager

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