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What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email marketing tool. With intuitive drag and drop tools and professionally designed email templates, it’s easy to send professional emails without the need for a designer or developer. You can customize your message to meet your audience with powerful segmenting capabilities, and split test your content to see what is the most impactful. With Active Campaign, your email marketing is sure to get a boost.

Why integrate ActiveCampaign with Livestorm?

The integration between ActiveCampaign and Livestorm will help you to coordinate with your team and synchronize your event data. You can use it to integrate webinars into your conversion funnel and host personalized meetings with qualified leads. Connect ActiveCampaign and Livestorm to integrate webinars into your sales process.

Create lists with ease

The ActiveCampaign and Livestorm integration allows you to create new ActiveCampaign contacts from new Livestorm Registrants and Attendees. This way, anyone who signs up for one of your events will automatically be added to your ActiveCampaign database. This will streamline your process and make it easier to do email outreach surrounding your events.

You can also use the Livestorm and ActiveCampaing integration to add contact notes with attendance information, knowing exactly which contacts attended the event. This function could be used to schedule reminder emails or follow up with the replay of your events for anyone who was not able to attend.

So far, we provide the following triggers and actions:

  • New automation webhook
  • New campaign bounce
  • New campaign link click
  • Find session
  • Create registrant
  • Create deal

You can find the whole list of triggers and actions here.

How to integrate ActiveCampaign with Livestorm?

You can integrate your ActiveCampaign and Livestorm accounts without any coding thanks to Zapier. Simply authenticate Livestorm and ActiveCampaign, pick one of the apps as a trigger to kick off your automation, and select the data you wish to send from one app to the other. You can read more instructions on integrating ActiveCampaign and Livestorm on this page.

How does it work on Zapier?

This integration works with Zapier. Click on the following button to test the different workflows you can build.

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