Push custom events, subscriber and apply tags based on your lead's event activity. Include your webinars in your marketing automation workflow.

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What is Drip?

Drip is a marketing automation platform built for ecommerce that uses email, SMS, and 3rd-party integrations to help businesses drive revenue. Drip makes it easy for your brand to build customer loyalty and retention at scale. Built with growing your list in mind, Drip increases engagement with clever email marketing and automation that nurture customers even after they’ve passed through checkout.

Why integrate Drip with Livestorm?

The integration between Drip and Livestorm will speed up your sales cycle and help you capture more insights on your registrants. Use this integration to build a complete marketing funnel!

Speed up your sales cycle

Nurturing your even registrants has never been easier. Thanks to this integration you can set up automated email nurturing campaigns for your events and create subscribers to your emailing lists from your Livestorm registrants.

Capture more insights

With the Drip and Livestorm integration, you can gain greater knowledge about your event registrants and subscribers. Know when subscribers click if a complaint is issued, or when someone opens an email all from Drip. Find out detailed information about subscribers and remove them from or subscribe them to future campaigns with ease.

Here are some of the actions and triggers supported by this integration:

  • Create registrant
  • Add tag to subscriber
  • Trigger event
  • New email bounced
  • New email click
  • Complete campaign

Discover the complete list of triggers and actions.

How to integrate Drip with Livestorm

You can integrate your Drip and Livestorm accounts without any coding thanks to Zapier. Simply authenticate Livestorm and Drip, pick one of the apps as a trigger, and select the data you wish to send from one app to the other. Read more instructions on integrating Drip and Livestorm.

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