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Retarget your Livestorm event or webinar attendees with Facebook Ads. Paste your Facebook Pixel in our custom tag input. We will push data to your registration page.

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What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads helps more people find and engage with your brand. A subset of their greater Marketing API, the Facebook Ads API focuses solely on Facebook’s powerful advertising features. Get the word out about your Livestorm event, webinar, or meeting with super-smart retargeting!

Why integrate Facebook Ads with Livestorm?

The integration between Facebook Ads and Livestorm will help you to expand the reach of your event, meeting, or webinar. If you want to gain as many registrations (and leads) as possible, keep reading!

Boost your ads strategy

Your advertising strategy will get a big boost from this powerful direct integration. Each person that registers for your events can be tracked and retargeted with Facebook Ads thanks to our custom tag injection that we’ve built into our registration page. Simply enter your Facebook Ads pixel to start growing results. This integration will keep your brand top of mind, no matter how far registrants stray from your registration page.

So far we provide the following triggers and actions:

  • Event registrant
  • Retargeting

This integration will help you keep building results for your event strategy.

How to integrate Facebook Ads with Livestorm

Getting started with the Facebook Ads and Livestorm integration is simple! Copy the Facebook Ads code snippet and paste it in your event form in the integration section. You can find out more about this integration in this help article

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