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Send tracking and registration events to Google Analytics and retarget them on Google Ads.

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online digital advertising platform developed by Google. With this platform, you can bid on paid digital advertisements that appear on google search results. You can use Google Ads to promote your business, help sell products or services, raise awareness, and increase website traffic. Google Ads accounts are managed completely online making it easy to create or adjust ad campaigns whenever you want. Change your ad text, settings, budget, and more all from one accessible marketplace.

Why integrate Google Ads with Livestorm?

The integration between Google Ads and Livestorm will help you build an efficient retargeting ad campaign. Track and measure traffic across Livestorm landing pages and leverage it to execute powerful campaigns.

Build better retargeting campaigns

The Google Ads and Livestorm Integration can help you catch data from event registrants or traffic on Livestorm landing pages. You simply need to create a custom audience for those parameters. Then retarget that audience through Adwords and the Display network.

Here are some of the actions and triggers supported by this integration:

  • New registrant
  • Session ended
  • Session started
  • New lead form entry
  • Event Published

How to integrate Google Ads with Livestorm?

You can integrate your Google Ads and Livestorm accounts without any coding thanks to Zapier. Simply authenticate Livestorm and Google Ads, pick one of the apps as a trigger, and select the data you wish to send from one app to the other. Read more instructions on integrating Google Ads and Livestorm.

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