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Now you can paste your Google Analytics on your registration page. Just paste your Google Analytics tag in your webinar settings and you're all set. Start monitoring traffic from your Google Analytics event custom view.

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What is this webinar integration for?

Thanks to our custom tag integration on your webinar registration page you can add whatever tag you find relevant. With this tag, you can apply your own custom Google Analytics view to track your registrants visits.

You can even add custom code to send the right events inside your Google Analytics.

Why is having Livestorm + Google Analytics is relevant for my webinars?

Thanks to our Livestorm + Google Analytics you will able to track your visits from your own dashboard on your registration pages. Plus, you will be able to get some powerful insights thanks to Google technology.

What do I need to set it up and how?

To connect your Livestorm account to Google Analytics all you need is to paste your tag on the custom code text area in your webinar settings. Save and voilà. Use the same space to add you custom javascript to track any event you like.

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