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What is Help Scout?

Help Scout is a customer success management software that provides a help desk, documentation, mailboxes, and other tools for support teams. Customers can find answers or contact your team without ever leaving the page thanks to Help Scout’s handy Beacon tool.

Why integrate Help Scout with Livestorm?

The integration between Help Scout and Livestorm will improve your registration conversion rate and boost your support.

Get more registrants

People who land on your registration page might have a whole host of questions about your event concerning any topic under the sun. Maybe they want to know what time a certain speaker will start speaking or need help setting up their network to tune in.

By connecting Livestorm and Help Scout together, you can add your Beacon to your Livestorm Registration pages, your Company Page, and your on-demand event rooms. This is useful if they have questions about your product, your company, or just need some help. It has shown a significant impact on the registration conversion rate.

How to integrate Help Scout with Livestorm?

You can integrate your Help Scout and Livestorm through your Help Scout Beacons menu. Click on a New Beacon, choose how you want your customer to contact your team, and copy the code. You can then paste this code in your Livestorm dashboard. You can find the complete list of instructions on this page.

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