Connect your Livestorm webinars, meetings, or events with your HubSpot account to push new registrants as contacts to your HubSpot CRM. Thanks to this native integration you'll no longer have to do CSV exports, everything is automated.

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Hubspot x Livestorm

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a customer relationship management platform built for marketers, customer success teams, content managers, or sales professionals. HubSpot has a host of integrations and tools that help you streamline your process and remove friction during the buyer’s journey.

Why integrate HubSpot with Livestorm?

The integration between HubSpot and Livestorm will help you to streamline your marketing and sales processes, track engagement, and improve your lead attribution. Create better meetings, webinars, and events with this integration.

Streamline marketing and sales

Connect your Livestorm events with your HubSpot account to push your registrants as contacts or new deals in HubSpot. This allows you to handle your events’ registration directly from Hubspot, eliminating the need for CSV exports. The result is better lead generation, easier lead scoring, and an improved process for contact nurturing. For more information on how to do this, check out this Help Center article.

Track engagement

Engagement can be hard to track if you aren't using the right tools. That’s why this integration provides you with more engagement-related data from event attendees. Access detailed information about the attendance rate and the duration of attendance.

Break it down to the details by tracking the results of polls or the number of upvotes each question receives. This engagement data can be used later on for lead qualification.

Boost lead attribution

Identifying contacts that come from Livestorm events is a breeze with the HubSpot integration. This will help you directly track the impact that Livestorm has on your business. Improve your attribution and create better reports with ease thanks to handy automation.

The following triggers and actions are supported by the HubSpot integration:

  • New registrant
  • New attendee
  • Recording viewing
  • On-demand viewing
  • Contact source
  • New deal
  • Number of polls
  • Number of upvotes
  • Attendance rate
  • Participation
  • Contact information

Read more information on these actions and triggers.

How to integrate HubSpot with Livestorm?

Integrating Livestorm and HubSpot is easy! Simply log into your Livestorm account, navigate to the HubSpot card, and click “Connect” to add your HubSpot account. After accepting some permissions, you’re good to go. Disconnecting is just as easy, you do the same process but opt to disconnect your account.

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