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Infusionsoft is an email and marketing automation software that was founded in 2001. Since then, it expanded its range of features to facilitate steps in the sales funnel as well. As such, it can be present in many steps of a company's funnel, from lead capturing and nurturing to sales discussions and even invoicing and payment reminders.

Infusionsoft provides a single database for all leads and clients to offer a global view of your business's ongoing activities and discussions with stakeholders. Since Livestorm allows to host webinars and online meetings, it makes sense to connect Livestorm and Infusionsoft to ensure all the data flows between the two apps.

Using our Zapier integration, you will be able to push your registrant's data from your webinars and into your Infusionsoft database. Then you'll be able to create complex journeys for each lead and even lead-turned-customers within Infusionsoft.

When using Infusionsoft, the Livestorm integration allows to host webinars for marketing, sales and customer success without really changing your set up between each type.You will be able to retarget the most engaged attendees, offer VIP video sales calls to most qualified leads, or follow up with existing customers. You can also reverse the journey and handle all the webinar registrations and emails with your own process set up on Infusionsoft.

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