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Install method

Direct integration

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Main features

Our Intergrately integration allows you to automate tasks and focus on your priorities. So far, we provide the following triggers :

  • New registrant for one of your events/webinars
  • New event/webinar is published
  • Event/webinar has ended
  • Event/webinar has started
  • Person attended an event
  • Person didn’t attend an event

Here are the actions avaliable with this integration:

  • Register for Webinar
  • Create Session

Why you should use Livestorm with Integrately

The Integrately integration will help you automate repetitive tasks in just a few clicks, giving you more time to work on your top priorities. You can search for and choose your use case from Integrately’s over 240K+ ready to use one-click automations. Just search, select, and activate your workflow.

Installation instructions

Sign up for Integrately > Visit Livestorm’s integration page > Choose another app > Search for your use case > Click on Install and activate the flow.

Integration overview

Using Integrately, you can connect your webinar details with 100’s of other apps like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, Trello, etc in just a few clicks. You can create simple as well as complex workflows in just a few clicks using Integrately’s easy to use UI.

Integration details

  • Over thousands of ready to use workflows to choose from.
  • Easy to use UI
  • Zero learning curve
  • No coding or technical help required
  • Premium support available to all the users

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