Add your Intercom chat to your Livestorm pages and events to make support more accessible and nurture more leads.

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What is Intercom?

Intercom is a Conversational Relationship Platform that makes it easy to build better customer relationships. Built with scaling in mind, Intercom makes it easy for customer success teams to communicate with anyone that uses your website or product. Send personalized messages, behavior driven communications, and targeted content with a straightforward platform.

Why integrate Intercom with Livestorm?

The integration between Intercom and Livestorm will help you to nurture leads and make support more accessible for your customers. With the Intercom and Livestorm integration, you can guide more event registrants and website visitors through your sales funnel.

Nurture more leads

You can now chat via the Intercom app with your prospects not only on your own website but also through Livestorm. Begin nurturing the moment prospects ask a question or initiates a chat. This has the added benefit of boosting registration conversion rates.

Make support accessible

Now visitors to your Livestorm registration pages can chat directly with you through an Intercom chat tag. You can even add this tag to your company pages or on-demand event rooms. Answer questions and build stronger customer relationships instantly with accessible support.

This integration supports the following triggers and actions:

  • Create registrant
  • Find a session
  • New lead
  • New user
  • New closed conversation

Find a complete list of triggers and actions.

How to integrate Intercom with Livestorm

Connect Livestorm and Intercom through a direct integration in just a few steps. Go to your setting in Intercom, copy the Intercom tag under Install chat for visitors > With code. Then go to your Livestorm dashboard, click on account settings and select the intercom card. After pasting your code you can enable the integration. Read more instructions on integrating Intercom and Livestorm.

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