Need to reach an international audience but don’t speak their language? Connect Interprefy to your Livestorm events to communicate with your audience in a language they can understand!

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Interprefy x Livestorm

What is Interprefy?

Interprefy is a cloud-based service that allows you to recruit live interpreters for your events to communicate effortlessly with your multilingual audience. No matter where you are in the world, your Livestorm event can be interpreted in real-time by professional conference interpreters in over 30 different languages!

Why integrate Interprefy with Livestorm?

By integrating Interprefy with your Livestorm events, you will be doing more than just removing language barriers. You will also be extending your reach, enhancing inclusivity and diversity, and simplifying your interpretation setup.

How to integrate Interprefy with Livestorm?

The Interprefy app can be found in the App marketplace or by searching for it via the “Install more” shortcut in your event room’s Apps menu. Use the toggle to enable it for your event! Note that you’ll need to have an existing contract with Interprefy in order to connect to this service.


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