Eliminate background noise and visual distractions and boost the quality of your Livestorm events by using Krisp.

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What is Krisp?

Krisp is an AI-powered software that allows you to communicate more effectively in online meetings and events. It offers features such as bi-directional noise cancellation, echo and voice cancellation, and high-quality virtual backgrounds that work on any video conferencing platform.

Why integrate Krisp with Livestorm?

Boost the quality of your Livestorm meetings, webinars and virtual events by using Krisp. Krisp's best-in-class technology improves the audio and video experience and ensures your audience can participate without noise or visual distractions.

Eliminate background noise and visual distractions

When you integrate Krisp with Livestorm, Krisp's audio and video capabilities eliminate distracting background sounds, echoes, voices, and visuals to give your audience the best meeting experience regardless of what's happening in your immediate environment.

Participate confidently in every online meeting

Integrating Krisp with Livestorm will give you the confidence to participate in every meeting. With Krisp, you won't have to constantly mute/unmute yourself to eliminate background noise.

Improve communication

Krisp provides you with real-time and post-call analytics and information to see, measure, and improve your meeting habits. You can then take action to improve you communication and digital well-being when using Livestorm.

How to integrate Krisp with Livestorm?

After signing up for a Krisp account and installing Krisp on your computer, open the Krisp app and select the physical microphone and speaker you wish to use and turn on the Noise Cancellation toggles.
Next, make sure you select the Krisp microphone, speaker and camera in the settings for your Livestorm event.

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