Send your contact’s data directly to Marketo after an action has occurred on Livestorm.

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Marketo x Livestorm

What is Marketo?

Marketo is a marketing automation software designed to help businesses access and automate tasks. With Marketo, you can qualify and manage leads throughout every part of your marketing funnel. Create landing pages, track users, score leads, and manage email automation all with the help of Adobe’s Marketo.

Why integrate Marketo with Livestorm?

Synchronize contacts easily

With this native integration, you will be able to send your contact’s data directly to Marketo after an action has occurred on Livestorm. This native integration saves you the step of manually exporting data from Livestorm to import it to Marketo.

Version 1.0 of this integration allows you to track 3 program member statuses:

  • When someone registers for your event
  • When someone has or hasn’t attended your event
  • When someone has watched a replay of your on-demand event

How to integrate Marketo with Livestorm

To use this integration with Livestorm, you will need to:

  • Create an API user and then a new launchpoint in Marketo
  • Get your Marketo Client ID and Client Secret from your launchpoint
  • Get your Marketo Account ID (found in Web Services)
  • Activate the Marketo native integration via our App marketplace on Livestorm
  • Link a Livestorm event to a Marketo program

Note that this integration is available for Enterprise customers only.


enterprise only plan

Enterprise plan only

Integrated with

Event details
People data


Marketing Automation
Landing Pages

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