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Via Zapier

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What is Pardot?

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more leads, and close more deals. With Salesforce's Pardot, you can accurately track and measure your process with powerful analytics.

Why integrate Pardot with Livestorm?

The integration between Pardot and Livestorm will automate tedious tasks so you can have more control over your marketing and sales pipeline. Increase marketing accountability and gain greater insights into ROI with this integration.

Automate tasks

Sync your Livestorm contacts to your Pardot account to manage them more efficiently. Cut out tedious tasks with automation so that you can focus on CRM. Create prospects on Pardot from Livestorm, send emails automatically and find and filter data with ease.

Here are some of the actions and triggers supported by this integration:

  • Event published
  • New registrant
  • Session ended
  • Session started
  • New prospect
  • Find session

You can read more about triggers and actions here.

How to integrate Pardot with Livestorm

You can integrate your Pardot and Livestorm accounts without any coding thanks to Zapier. Simply authenticate Livestorm and Pardot, pick one of the apps as a trigger, and select the data you wish to send from one app to the other. You can read more instructions on integrating Pardot and Livestorm on this page.

How does it work on Zapier?

This integration works with Zapier. Click on the following button to test the different workflows you can build.

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