Connect Pardot with Livestorm to sync data easily and have more control over your marketing and sales. Increase marketing accountability and gain greater insights.

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Pardot x Livestorm

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a marketing automation solution by Salesforce that helps marketers identify and send leads to Sales, create and track campaigns, analyze activity and engagement, and manage the buyer’s journey.

Why integrate Pardot with Livestorm?

This native integration means that you will be able to connect Pardot directly to Livestorm without the need for additional tools. It will automate tedious tasks so you can have more control over your marketing and sales pipeline. Increase marketing accountability and gain greater insights into ROI with this integration.

Synchronize easily Pardot & Livestorm

When you connect your Pardot account to Livestorm, you will be able to:

  • Create a campaign automatically in Pardot for each of your Livestorm event sessions.
  • Create or update the data of a Prospect automatically in Pardot each time a contact registers for a Livestorm event and each time a registrant interacts with your event.
  • Map the Livestorm Registration and Engagement fields to your Prospect level custom fields.

How to integrate Pardot with Livestorm

To activate this integration on your Livestorm workspace, use the contact button found on the Pardot card in the App marketplace to request access.
After requesting access, one of our Solutions Engineers will be in touch to take you through the onboarding.

Note: this integration is only available to customers on our new Enterprise plan.


enterprise only plan

Enterprise plan only

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