Connect your Livestorm events with your Pipedrive account to push new registrants as contacts to your CRM. Thanks this native integration, no more CSV exports, everything is automated.

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What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a CRM and sales management software designed to help teams manage intricate or lengthy sales processes. Founded by sales experts, Pipedrive helps users visualize their sales process and improve efficiency. Intuitive and easy to use, Pipedrive’s straightforward user interface hosts a variety of tools and integrations.

Why integrate Pipedrive with Livestorm?

The integration between Pipedrive and Livestorm will help you to qualify and nurture leads. Improve your sales process with this useful integration!

Qualify and nurture leads

This integration will let you automatically send your event registrants or attendees directly to your sales pipeline and segment them as you choose. This makes qualifying and nurturing leads much easier, and removes the tedious process of data entry.

Livestorm forms cover all of the basic contact information for you, like first and last names, emails, organization name, and phone number. It’s never been easier to follow up with leads and nurture them through your sales pipeline.

So far, this integration provides the following triggers and actions:

  • New registrant
  • Attended event
  • Create a new contact
  • Create a new deal
  • Create an activity

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How to integrate Pipedrive with Livestorm?

You can integrate your Pipedrive and Livestorm accounts by finding your Pipedrive API key, adding it to Livestorm, and validating. After creating some initial automation rules you’re good to go! Find more information.

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