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Install method

Via Zapier

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Livestorm's Zapier integration will help you push your webinar attendees to your Salesmate CRM. It will automatically fetch all the attendees as soon as the webinar ends and push it to Salesmate CRM.

Here's why you should plug Salesmate with Livestorm:

  • Capture webinar attendees with Livestorm landing pages
  • Use Salemate to bulk invite prospects to register to your webinar
  • Livestorm provides easy chat & QA features for great webinar engagement
  • Sync all attendees into Salesmate CRM for further lead nurturing

What can I do with my webinar attendees in Salesmate?

If you are looking for a way to filter only the people that have actually attended or to match only a certain kind of attendees with certain attributes (company name, role etc), then you can add a filter in Zapier.

Then, the Salesmate integration enables you to create/update a contact from your webinar attendees and attach a tag to the contact.

You can follow this link to learn how to set up your Zapier integration.

How does it work on Zapier?

This integration works with Zapier. Click on the following button to test the different workflows you can build.

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