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What is Slack?

Slack is a channel-based messaging platform for professionals. Accessible across multiple devices and platforms, Slack is built for a variety of communication needs like messaging, tools, or file shares. Slack is used by more than 750,000 companies worldwide to get work done.

Why integrate Slack with Livestorm?

The integration between Slack and Livestorm will help you keep an eye on your event’s registrants and give your greater insight into them. Learn more about your registrants by integrating Slack and Livestorm!

Stay in the loop

Know exactly when someone registers for your event with the Livestorm and Slack integration. After someone completes a form in a Livestorm registration page, you’ll immediately receive a notification in a designated Slack channel. This keeps your whole team on the same page, giving you ample opportunity to qualify leads in advance or scope out interesting registrants.

Gain insight

Each profile added to Slack via this integration is automatically enriched with third-party data. This gives you a complete overview of registrants before your event even begins! You can tailor your content to fit their needs or use these insights as you build your sales pipeline.

This integration supports the following triggers and actions:

  • Event published
  • New registrant
  • Session ended
  • Session started

How to integrate Slack with Livestorm?

You can integrate your Slack and Livestorm accounts through webhooks. Simply access your Slack incoming webhook URL and add it to your Livestorm account. You can find the whole process detailed here.

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