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Livestorm background

Using our webhook integration you will be able to send Livestorm data to a custom URL of your choice. Webhooks work like an API, it is extremely flexible, but requires some IT work to catch the data and then integrate it in your tools.

Any app that can listen to a webhook to catch data in JSON format will work in this case.

At the moment, Livestorm supports 4 triggers:

  • New registrant (send registrant data)
  • Webinar starts (send webinar data)
  • Webinar ends (send webinar + registrants data (number of registrants, attendees...)
  • Webinar is published (send webinar data)

Webhooks and Webinars Use Cases

The strength of webhooks is their versatility and adaptability. Following are the most common use cases for webhooks with webinars.

Sending registrants' data to CRM

Automatically gathering data from diverse sources is one of the big benefits of using a CRM, and at the same time one of its challenges. If your CRM software accepts incoming webhooks, then you can automatically collect data from your webinar registrants with Livestorm.

As soon as a lead registers to your webinar, send their data to your CRM with the "New Registrant" webhook.

Sending email notifications to registrants when the webinar is published

This is useful if you want to use your own emailing software and not rely on Livestorm's automated emails.

If you have an existing list of registrants for your webinar, import them to Livestorm when setting up the webinar. Then use this webhook to automatically send out emails with your own emailing software.

Gather webinar data in your analytics software

Livestorm provides analytics on its own. But for those who want to get the data out of Livestorm and into a proprietary analytics software where they track many other sources and data, webhooks can be the way to go.

In this case, you can use the "Webinar Ends" webhook to send appropriate data to your analytics software and keep track of your webinars' performance.

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