Webmecanik Automation is a solution to pilot your marketing automation campaigns with simplicity and flexibility.

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What is Webmecanik?

Webmecanik Automation is a solution to pilot your marketing automation campaigns with simplicity and flexibility. It is an all-in-one solution to target your leads when they are ready to buy, create loyalty programs, and measure and optimize your marketing actions. Webmecanik’s goal is to help you to raise the return on investment of your actions with marketing automation.

Why integrate Webmecanik and Livestorm?

The integration between Livestorm and Webmecanik Automation will help you to customize the event experience. Create forms, emails, and landing pages before your event and personalize communication afterward!

Learn more about your leads

With Webmecanik Automation you can create forms to collect data and enhance your database. With this synchronization, you will link your event to form fields and learn more about your leads. In addition, you will automatically send personalized reminder emails before your event, based on the information collected in those forms.

For example, you can create a form with relevant fields so you can communicate the right information to the right people at the right time according to their navigation behavior. Offer them a personalized experience to push them further to the conversion phase or to build loyalty to your brand.

Communicate with your leads

Now that you know more about your leads, you can communicate with them and push them further for conversion. To do that, you can analyze your contacts’ behavior during your event, categorize them, and adapt your message.

For example, someone who came to the event will receive a different email than someone who didn’t. This synchronization allows you to go further: you will know how much time people spent at your event. Someone who came for less than 5 minutes can be considered as someone who practically did not come, and receive a different message than someone who stayed during all the event.

How to integrate Webmecanik with Livestorm?

To integrate Webmecanik and Livestorm you must first sign up for each respective account. Then you can connect by navigating to the menu bar on the right-hand side of the Webmecanik app, selecting "plugins" from the list, and then selecting Livestorm.

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