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Earn Commission as a Livestorm Affiliate Partner

Livestorm's affiliate partners program makes it easy for you to grow your brand and earn a 20% commission on each Livestorm plan purchased.

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Who can be a Livestorm affiliate partner?

Livestorm affiliate partners are consultants, brand advocates, influencers or professionals. If you love using Livestorm and you want to spread the word, join the program.

Affiliate partners

Benefits of being a Livestorm affiliate partner

It only takes a few clicks to become a Livestorm affiliate partner. Simply create your account in PartnerStack, get your affiliate link, and get paid upon referral.

Earn rewards

You can earn rewards without any effort. Just generate your Livestorm affiliate link, distribute it as you like, and get rewarded every time someone uses your link to purchase a paid Livestorm subscription. Livestorm affiliate partners earn 20% of the purchase amount when someone uses their link to purchase a paid plan.

Earn rewards

Build authority

As a Livestorm Affiliate partner, you can help your audience solve their pain points by recommending a product you trust. Our dedicated affiliate partnership managers will keep you in the loop with regular updates and insights. Your audience will be the first to know when the product evolves, which keep them engaged for the long-term.

Build authority by partnering with Livestorm

Gain visibility

Join a community of over 1,000 Livestorm affiliate partners. Gain visibility as a Livestorm partner and unlock potential marketing opportunities. Get full access to marketing materials. Livestorm affiliates use their links in their email signatures, on social media pages, or on their websites. Tailor your message to match your audience's interests.

Gain visibility
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"Livestorm’s affiliate program is one of the most successful of the 200+ programs I’m a part of. The team is always there to help, and the product is fantastic."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Livestorm affiliate partner?

Anyone can become a Livestrom affiliate partner! Simply create your account in PartnerStack, get your affiliate link and collect a 20% commission when anyone uses your affiliate link to purchase a Livestorm plan.

How much are the rewards?

Livestorm affiliate partners earn a recurring commission of 20% of purchases of Livestorm plans made through their affiliate link.

Will I receive any exclusive access to Livestorm?

You will benefit from Livestorm Starter plan and have the potential to qualify for exclusive access. Sign up for Livestorm for free now!

How do I collect compensation?

You'll be compensated for each conversion that goes through your affiliate link all within Partnerstack.

Will I receive go-to-market support?

Our dedicated affiliate partnership managers will provide support, and you'll get full access to affiliate marketing materials.


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