Co-marketing partners

Expand your reach as a Livestorm co-marketing partner

Collaborate with Livestorm's expert content marketing team to create webinars, online events, ebooks, infographics, and templates. Share leads with Livestorm and grow your brand.

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Who can be a Livestorm co-marketing partner?

We partner with B2B brands that offer a product that is complementary to Livestorm. If your content campaigns generate over 200 leads and you want to expand your reach, apply now.

Co-marketing partners

Benefits of becoming a Livestorm co-marketing partner

Creating great content is easy with Livestorm's experienced content team. Apply to be a partner today and coordinate with our experienced co-marketing partnership team.

Grow your audience

Livestorm co-marketing partners have the chance to reach our rapidly growing user base. Team up with Livestorm to benefit from co-promotion across social media channels, in paid ads, on our website, or by email. As a co-marketing partner, you'll have access to our leads database making it easy to grow your reach. Gather more leads than you could have on your own!

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Generate leads

Partner with Livestorm to build your funnel even further. Our content managers and co-marketing partnership managers will work with you to build the best campaigns geared for results. On average, Livestorm co-marketing content offers generate 300+ leads per campaign.

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Build engagement

Livestorm co-marketing partners can create brilliant online events or webinars with Livestorm's video engagement platform. Engage your audience during these events with a host of features. Co-create ebooks, templates or infographics to complement your messaging. Design campaigns with our expert team to delight your audience.

Build engagement with Livestorm
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"Livestorm is easily one of our favorite partners to collaborate with on co-marketing campaigns. The results of our lead generation campaign went above and beyond our expectations. We were able to get 1,000+ high-quality, relevant leads from our month-long campaign. The partnership was very well organized, timelines were fully respected and there was a good level of flexibility to ensure that the campaign benefited both partners equally."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Livestorm co-marketing partner?

If you are interested in becoming a Livestorm co-marketing partner and your content campaigns generate more than 200 leads, you can fill the form here. We accept partnerships with B2B brands that offer products that complement Livestorm. Apply now to team up with our experts!

What does becoming a co-marketing partner mean?

Being a Livestorm co-marketing partner means joining forces with our content team to produce lead generating offers. In our co-marketing partnership agreements we define campaign goals, determine who will work on what part of the content, and plan the promotion phase with our partners. Our partnership managers can take you every step of the way to create great lead generating content with Livestorm. Apply to be a Livestorm co-marketing partner today!

What kinds of partnerships do we do?

If you can dream it, we can do it! Our co-marketing partnerships have produced ebooks, white papers, podcasts, webinars, and online events, just to name a few. You can work closely with our partnership managers to determine the best campaign for your brand's needs.

Where can I find past Livestorm co-marketing content?

Sure, you can find all of our co-marketing partnership content offers in our Content Library.

How are leads shared with the co-marketing partner?

Livestorm co-marketing campaigns are usually run during one complete month, during which each partner promotes the offer to attain the lead generation goal. After 30 days, our co-marketing partnership manager will share all the leads generated by your company and as many leads generated by Livestorm. All of our campaigns are GDPR-compliant.


Become a Livestorm co-marketing partner today

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