Technology partners

Create rich experiences as a technology partner

Build rich experiences for Livestorm's rapidly growing user base. Become a technology partner to create integrations compatible with Livestorm.

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Who can be a Livestorm technology partner?

Anyone that signs up for a Livestorm Starter account can be a Livestorm technology partner and start building with our API. If you want to explore more visit our developer portal.

Technology partners

Benefits of becoming a Livestorm technology partner

Livestorm technology partners create value for a fast-growing user base. Gain visibility for your brand in our app marketplace. It's easy to start building great experiences in the Livestorm app.

Gain visibility

By building a Livestorm integration, you'll get direct access to our users and enrich the overall app experience. Thousands of users will see your app in our marketplace. Work with one of our technology partnership managers to promote what you build to 1M users, and have the potential to be included in Livestorm's communications.


Create rich experiences

If you choose to create a native integration with our API, our technology partner options are flexible enough for your needs. The choice is yours, so get creative! Help Livestorm build the future of video engagement and reach a growing audience. Build Livestorm integrations to fit your exact needs.

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Build with ease

Livestorm's detailed API documentation and developer portal make it easy for developers to create integrations. Head to our API documentation to check out everything you need to know to build an integration.

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"The Livestorm team was very responsive for the entire integration process, from deciding the scopes to integrate, access to API documentation, to finalizing co-marketing opportunities. As Integromat is an iPaaS service, our goal is always to build an integration that users will find the most useful and we rely on our partners to help with that. Livestorm made that very easy."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Livestorm technology partner?

To become a Livestorm technology partner, you can submit this form that details your organization and the kind of Livestorm integration you wish to build. Once built, we will review your solution and evaluate it from a product, engineering, security, and marketing standpoint. We'll then list your solution in our public app marketplace where thousands of daily users can access it. You can submit your proposal here.

Is there documentation about building for Livestorm?

You can find everything you need to know about building for Livestorm in our developers hub.

Who qualifies as a technology partner for Livestorm?

If you can think of a great solution to enrich Livestorm, you qualify to be a partner. We look for experts on B2B technology, experienced developers, or creative thinkers who can see a way that their product or solution could improve Livestorm. Apply to be a Livestorm technology partner today!

What is the process of being officially listed as a technology partner?

To be listed as a technology partner you need to send us an overview of what you'd like to build first so that we can get an idea of the end product and check that it complies with our content policy and terms and conditions. After getting your official API credentials, you'll be able to start building your app. Meanwhile, a dedicated Solutions Engineer will be here to help you in case you have any technical questions. Once you're satisfied with the app that you built, you can submit it so that our team can review it from a technical, security, and content standpoint. If your app is validated, you'll be listed in our official app marketplace and Livestorm users will be able to install it soon after. Finally, we'll be able to plan co-marketing initiatives to prepare the launch of your app and advertise it on our different marketing channels.


Become a Livestorm technology partner today

Become a Livestorm technology partner today to build great experiences for your users. You're just minutes away from becoming a partner.