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A webinar software for your online courses

Use Livestorm to create online live courses for your audience. Organize, present and collect feedbacks on your lessons.

About Online Courses

Online courses to train and engage your audience

Why not showcasing your expertise by creating full online live courses? Create several sessions, engage your audience through all of them, and provide courses materials such as the video replay.

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Why you should do Online Courses

Create live online courses and build up your community

Got an expertises in a certain field? Are you an academic? You can use Livestorm to build live online courses to showcase that expertise, create high quality content and improve your branding.

How to do Online Courses

Livestorm is the perfect toolkit for online live courses

We provide all the features you need to set up your courses, present, and integrate with your mailing list to keep growing your audience.

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Easiest registration in town

From invites to registration, we handle everything for you. Invite everyone from your Livestorm dashboard, send them to the webinar's landing page, and track every registration.

Not just presentations. Interactions.

Don't just focus on your presentation. Interact with your audience, get to know them through polls, reply to their questions and bring exclusive value to your live event.

See how your course performed

Thanks to our analytics feature you get a ton of valuable data on your live sessions. Know what worked and what did not. See who has attended and who has not and take actions.

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Webinar use cases

Looking for more webinar use cases?