Video Glossary

Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short marketing video that features a brief explanation of a product or service.

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short marketing video that features a brief explanation of a product or service. Your company may use them to introduce new products and services, showcase key features, or explain proprietary technology.

Explainer videos typically use simple visuals and clear messaging to break down complex concepts into an easy-to-understand format. They often use animations, but they can also feature a talking head format.

Guest speaker expressively discussing a them in a video call conference, using his hands and face to further illustrate his point

What are the benefits of explainer videos?

Because they’re designed to educate and engage viewers, explainer videos have become a popular marketing tool for businesses across industries. Here’s how your company can benefit from producing explainer videos:

  • Capture interest: Explainer videos are designed to be highly engaging and attention-grabbing. As a result, they can capture interest quickly using a combination of fast-paced visuals, sound elements, and storytelling.
  • Improve understanding: These videos can communicate complex ideas in a simple way. As a result, they show how your products or services can solve potential customers’ problems in a memorable way.
  • Drive discovery: You can share explainer videos on any marketing channel. For example, you can post them to social media, publish them on your website, or use Livestorm to share them in a webinar or virtual meeting.

Why are explainer videos so effective for B2B?

Explainer videos are popular among B2C marketers. However, they can be just as useful for B2B marketers.

These videos can be particularly effective for explaining advanced technology or complex products and services to potential clients. They create an engaging and immersive environment where you can demonstrate how your offerings solve business problems.

You can tailor explainer videos to specific industries or audiences. As a result, they can serve as targeted marketing tools for B2B companies.

guest speaking and using hand gestures in a virtual conference while they give their presentation/talk

How long should an explainer video last?

The ideal length for an explainer video is 60 to 90 seconds. This timeframe lets you share your message clearly and concisely while still holding the viewer's attention.

You can certainly experiment with shorter videos. However, videos under 60 seconds may not provide enough information for viewers to understand the product, service, or technology.

Longer videos have space to include much more information. However, they can lose viewers' interest, which may make them less effective at delivering a clear message.


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