Webinar Glossary

Webinar dashboard

A webinar dashboard is a central location for data and insights about a webinar.

What is a webinar dashboard?

Dashboards are digital interfaces that group and organize information. They are central locations for data and insights about a specific topic. In a webinar platform, the webinar dashboard gives an overview of information about a webinar.


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Analytics dashboard webinar

Details about attendees can be accessed here, like the number of registrants, live attendees, no-shows, and who watched the webinar replay. Engagement data is logged in the dashboard as well, letting organizers know more about any polls, questions, or messages.

Information about the number of sessions of a webinar is also included in the dashboard. Organizers can know at a glance when the webinar was created and how long it lasted. To access a webinar dashboard a webinar first needs to be published.

Benefits of webinar dashboards

Webinar dashboards make data transparent, save time, and improve decision making.

With a webinar dashboard, organizers have direct access to data. They can monitor if metrics are being met and easily build reports with the information they find. It is also easier to analyze data when it is all grouped in one place. Quick insights can be gained from easy to understand visuals. And unbiased data can hold teams accountable to their KPIs.


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