Webinar Glossary

Webinar questions

In a webinar setting, questions can be submitted throughout the presentation to give attendees a way to interact with hosts.

What are webinar questions?

In a webinar setting, questions are designed specifically to give attendees a way to interact with hosts. In most webinar platforms, only the attendees of a webinar can ask questions. Some interactions, like upvoting the questions, may also be available.

Hosts and moderators can reply to the questions, whether by text in the questions tab or by taking the stage and addressing them on camera. They may also be able to send live answers as optional pop-ups in a webinar room.


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Live q&as are usually visible to all attendees of a webinar. It is also possible to hide the questions from attendees in some webinar platforms. Hidden questions are visible only to the hosts and moderators, and never to the attendees of a webinar. Questions may be hidden by default and can be manually presented to the audience by moderators.

Hosts might choose to hide the question tabs when there are many attendees, or when they are recording a webinar that will be made available on-demand. Hiding the question tab can also be a good reflex if there is any bad industry buzz surrounding a company.

Benefits of questions in webinars

Some benefits of questions in webinars are:

  • Hold attention
  • Reduce churn
  • Establish authority
  • Build trust
  • Create loyalty

Questions are designed to hold the attention of an audience and reduce the level of churn that occurs during a webinar. If an audience member is waiting for a response to their question, they will be more likely to keep watching a webinar.

Most brands that host webinars wish to be known as industry experts. And the question feature in a webinar can help establish this authority. Giving detailed and thoughtful answers during a webinar can make a brand seem more credible. It is another way to build trust in an audience.


Questions are also an intentional way to build relationships between presenters and audience members. Interaction with professionals and experts will help to personalize a brand. Audience members may be able to feel more loyalty towards speakers that they have interacted with.

An additional benefit of using questions in webinars is that they can provide extra insight into the mind of the audience. Webinar organizers can use the questions to learn about the attendee’s needs and concerns. The topics of discussion in the question tab may be used later as topics for new webinars.

How to use questions in webinars

Some ways to use questions in webinars are:

  • Invite the audience to participate
  • Include a moderator
  • Use pre-planned questions

When using questions in a webinar, it is important to direct the audience towards the question tab. Inviting the viewers to use and interact with this tab will encourage activity. And it always helps to show audiences where they can ask questions while in a webinar room.

It is also important to invite a moderator to help manage the questions in the questions tab. This team member will simply manage the questions tab and respond to each audience member with detailed information. The presenters can then choose to expand upon the moderator’s answers, or move on with the presentation. This takes some pressure off of the event speakers.

Some presenters may opt to insert pre-planned questions into the questions tab. This can help to break the ice and help other attendees feel more comfortable to interject during a presentation.


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