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Promotion comes as one of the main reasons people don't like hosting webinars. Here are some tips and advice to boost your webinar promotion.

This post is a checklist designed to help you get more people to attend.

Mandatory elements before you get started with your webinar promotion

Things you can do before the webinar

One simple way to promote your webinar is to use your attendee's network. Use social shares during registration or during your webinar. You can also suggest email forwards.

Bring In your own network (A.K.A. messages you can control)

Webinar related & market communities

Pro tip: You can also apply those principles to your guest audience (if you have a guest).

Promotion continues after you pressed start

People usually stop at step 1. They don't see their own webinar as a traffic drive. My advice is pretty simple, though. Give a great presentation, be insightful, and interact with your guest and audience.


If people think it's great, two things can happen. People will come back or they will share it with their own network.

Also, look for a share button during the webinar. Or, even better, a Twitter integration. We don't provide it yet, but it sure looks good...

Long tail promotion

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