10 New Webinar Promotion Strategies For Q3 2017

Webinar promotion can be difficult if you have not found your sweet spot yet. In this post, I will share some new promotion ideas from our own experience.
August 21, 2017 • About 3 min. read

How To Promote Your Webinars: Nail The Basics

First, before even considering promoting your webinars you have to nail a few basics. Just like blogging, for people to engage with your content, it has to be great and appealing.

This means, you need to work on your title first. Keep it short and sweet. Make it problem-solving, make sure that your potential attendees will learn something valuable.

Ask your team what sounds better. Also, check on Keyword Planner Tool if there are close queries that might resonate with your audience. This is mostly relevant for content marketing, top of the funnel webinars (e.g "How To Hire A CMO for Your Early-Stage Startup" for an HR startup).

Eventually, A/B test it for several sessions, see what formulation got you more attendees and work from there.

Timing is also extremely relevant for webinar promotion. In short, keep your promotion cycle around 10 days to 2 weeks.

Also, we noticed that having another session available after the next date will lower the number of attendees for the latter. So, try to promote only the next session.

Finally, having a guest is always a big plus. It adds a promotion channel (their network) and an argument to attend the webinar (the speakers themselves).

Webinar Promotion Strategies

Let's take a look at some easy ways of promoting webinars that you can implement in less than a day.

Add A Persistent Webinar Promotion Block In Your Emails

I'm sure you already send one or more newsletters per month. You can leverage that audience and add a block in that newsletter for webinar promotion.

Here's an example from Amplitude:

Basically, you want to add the link to your webinar page directly in the newsletter template. If you use Mailchimp, you can make that link editable using the mc:edit attribute.

If you're not sending HTML newsletters, you can add a PS section in your plain-text emails.

Answer On Quora and Offer to Attend A Webinar

We're big fans of Quora here at Livestorm. We love answering questions about webinars and it has become one of our biggest source of traffic.

You could leverage the traffic on Quora on your niche topic to promote your webinars: identify questions relevant to your webinar, write a decent answer, add a link to your webinars and ask your team to up vote your answer to send it to the top.

Also, you could consider doing Quora Ads to promote your webinars.

Ask Your CS/Sales Team To Mention The Webinars

This strategy is extremely easy to put in place. Send an email to your CS or Sales team and tell them that every time they are confronted to a given topic with a lead or a customer, they can send out the webinar link.

This means two things: more qualification for your sales and/or less support for your CS.

Add A Top Bar Banner On Your Website

Try adding at the top of your website a promotion bar with a link to your webinar. You can even make it persistent on every page.

If you use Wordpress, there are tons of plugins that will do that for you in a few clicks: Simple Banner, WP-TopBar, SumoMe, etc.

Send A Drift/Intercom Campaign To Your Visitors/Users

This strategy can become complex if you decide to have complex triggers. But the main idea is simple : if someone (visitor or user) does an action X then send a live chat campaign to promote your webinars.

The main difficulty is to create the right triggers and match them to the message copy:

  • If someone visits X time the features page : "Attend one of our demo webinars"
  • If a user fails at doing a specific action : "Attend one of our onboarding webinars"
  • etc.

Here's an example from one of our own Drift campaigns:

Livestorm Embeds

Shameless-plug but turns out Livestorm provides an embedded block of all your upcoming webinars that you can add anywhere you like. You can also embed a specific webinars. This is useful if you need to add easily a promotion block on your website.

This is an example form our own website:

Ask Your Influencers-Registrants To Tweet Your Webinar

We often to fail to consider our own audience as a promotion leverage, but sometimes you will have VIPs attending your webinars. All it takes is an email, ask them to tweet or recommend the webinar to someone. Actually, the latter is quite interesting if you make systematic.

You can even automate this using Zapier and detect the number of Twitter followers using Clearbit.

How We Promote Our Own Webinars at Livestorm

Our promotion strategy is quite simple really. We have three sources of promotion:

  • a Drift campaign when people signup the first time,
  • a onboarding campaign,
  • our email signatures,
  • our conversations with our customers and leads,
  • and our embedded upcoming webinars on our home page.

The most effective channel is by far the last one since it is getting the most exposure.

Now, since we're hosting demo webinars mostly, we don't have high expectations in terms of registrations. Our main goal is to do more demos at once every week and scale our demo process.

I hope this will help you kickstart Q3 and the new webinar season coming up. Feel free to comment these strategies and share your thoughts!

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Gilles Bertaux
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