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How AB Tasty Trains 200+ Customers at a Time

Anthony Brebion, Product Marketing Manager, explains how AB Tasty uses Livestorm to create continuous customer training.







Use case

Customer Training

About AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a conversion optimization software. They offer solutions such as AB tests, user experience personalization, and campaign tools to re-engage your users. The company has over 300 employees in France and the United States.

Adoption: accessibility without downloading

Before adopting Livestorm, AB Tasty was using GoToWebinar; however, Anthony was needed a platform that was accessible via a browser and did not require downloading.

Anthony immediately liked the user experience and ease of use of Livestorm. He adds:

Livestorm's interface is modern and all the features we expected are there!

Objective: continuous customer training

Anthony explains that AB Tasty is positioned for large accounts and the company therefore relies heavily on customer support. However, as the customer base grew, it was difficult to maintain the level of knowledge about the product, especially because of the turnover within their customers' teams.

AB Tasty therefore chose to set up continuous training through webinars, in order to avoid loss of information.

Today, AB Tasty's webinars are led by the consultants who manage the client relationship throughout the year. They are the ones who determine the content, with a 5-month backlog and 12 topics to cover. These topics follow the steps of using the AB Tasty platform. Anthony adds:

Each time, we have a number of registrations that shows a real demand for training.

In fact, these customer training webinars bring together an average of over 200 customers for each session!

Their favorite features


AB Tasty's favorite features

Registration pages

Easily create and customize registration pages that are optimized for conversion.

Email cadences

Send unlimited customized reminders and follow-up emails. Use plain text or custom HTML.


Connect to the event room directly from a browser without downloading software.

See all features

AB Tasty's teams uses Livestorm's customizable registration pages for their customer trainings and this saves them a lot of time.

Anthony recommends being clever with the description and the tagline of the webinar to generate a maximum number of registrants. Segmentation and targeting (by vertical or by industry) are also important in order to have content that meets the expectations of the participants.

ab tasty offices

The level of expertise can also be an interesting segmentation criterion, which Anthony recommends exploring.

In addition to the registration pages, the AB Tasty teams particularly like Livestorm's email cadences. These email reminder cadences help maximize the participation rate for training webinars. Several automatic emails can be sent before the webinar starts, meaning the consultants do not have to worry about anything!

AB Tasty's trick? Its main promotions channel is emailing their client base, but consultants also include a link to the training webinars in their email signature to increase visibility.

Diversifying the usage of Livestorm

Initially, Livestorm was mainly used by the consulting team for customer training, but its use gradually spread to the marketing department for several types of events.

Indeed, the marketing team also started using Livestorm for:

  • Content webinars
  • Product launch webinars
  • Case study webinars

All these events are organized in both French and English on Livestorm's webinar platform. AB Tasty is now reaching more than 400 prospects or customers per month through its webinars strategy.

In the coming months, AB Tasty will continue to use Livestorm for its marketing webinars and customer training.

To get the same results as AB Tasty, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“What I found interesting with Livestorm was the fact there was nothing to install, that everything was web-based. The ease-of-use and UX were also a big plus. It is really efficient.”

Anthony Brebion

Product Marketing Manager

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