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This integration is a two-way sync between your Google Calendar™ and Livestorm accounts. Not only does connecting Livestorm to your calendar allow you to manage meetings directly from Google Calendar™, but it also unlocks all the power of Livestorm for your online meetings!

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What is Google Calendar™?

Google Calendar™ is a service from Google Workspace Suite helping you to organize your schedule and coordinate events with others. You can create, manage, and join online meetings directly from your Google Calendar™ account.

Why integrate Google Calendar™ with Livestorm?

Whether you manage your online meetings and events from Livestorm or Google Calendar™, this integration enables you to:

  1. Organize productive meetings: Whether live or async, boost your participants’ collaboration with replays, transcripts, and our engagement features.
  2. Maximize attendance and conversion rate: Offer your participants the best meeting experience with automated email cadences, custom branding and content.
  3. Provide accessible yet safe meetings: Participants can join instantly from any device with a unique access link directly from their browser. Meetings are all protected by the security of the browser and Livestorm’s GDPR and ISO 27001 compliance.
  4. Capture actionable insights: Collect participants’ information and connect them to your own stack, from your CRM to other marketing integrations.

Creating a new Livestorm event from Google Calendar™

When adding an event on Google Calendar, the integration allows you to define Livestorm as a videoconferencing provider and to take advantage of a 2-way synchronization:

  • Any change (title, description, date, duration, and guests) made on Google Calendar is automatically synchronized with a Livestorm event.
  • Any change (title, description, date, duration, and guests) made on the Livestorm event is automatically synchronized on your Google Calendar event.
  • Every new registrant to the Livestorm's event will be automatically added to the guests list on the Google Calendar event.
  • Each new contact of your Google calendar’s event guests list will be added to the Livestorm event as a registrant (and he will receive a personal link).

While using the Google Workspace Add-on, benefit from the wide customized settings available in Livestorm events to better manage access to the room, security of the event, and email reminders.

This integration is currently available in beta.
To integrate Google Calendar™ with Livestorm, simply navigate to the Google Calendar (Beta) card in your Personal Apps. Then add the Livestorm add-on to your Google Calendar™ account by following this link. For more information on setup, check out this Help Center article.

Creating a new Google Calendar event from Livestorm

The integration does not offer yet the ability to add an event to your Google Calendar when you add a session to a Livestorm event. Are you interested in this feature? 🤩 Tell us more about your needs and your use case by following this link!.

Integrated with

Calendar view
Event details
People data


Calendars & Schedulers

Shared data

Google Calendar


Event title

Event title

Event date

Session date

Event description

Event description

Event location

Session room link

Calendar guests

Sessions registrants


In your Google Calendar, Livestorm will be able to:

  1. Edit Livestorm-related events
  2. Read your events
  3. Run an add-on in your calendar
  4. View and edit events in your calendars

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