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What is the Livestorm API?

The Livestorm API is our own Application Programming Interface (API). An API is simply a secure gateway to each customer’s own set of data, accessible with a few lines of code. The data is made accessible with an API token that can be run locally, on a server, in the cloud, or from 3rd-party applications. You can find information about webhooks and Livestorm here.

Why use an API?

The typical use case for Livestorm is simple: you log in, create events, and customize your settings. Creating, hosting, and promoting events is easy enough when it is done on a normal scale. We’ve included many automation features to make these processes as simple as possible.

However, as a Livestorm customer or user, you may have special needs and want to scale up your operations to create hundreds (or thousands) of events. To get the most out of the platform, the Livestorm team developed an API that gives you endless possibilities to access, manage and customize your data. The Livestorm API puts the power in the hands of our users. Any developer or tech-savvy customer can use our API to meet a variety of use cases and scale their processes exponentially.

How to use the Livestorm API

To use the Livestorm API, you first need to generate a new API token from your dashboard (under ‘Account Settings’ > ‘Integrations’ then scroll down to the 'Public API' card) and save it in a secure location. From this point, you can take a look at our developer portal to have a more in-depth overview of what our API provides and how it works. Here is where you can access all of our guides on using the API, including detailed references.

After accessing the portal, you can use any coding language to retrieve and edit your data.

Livestorm’s API Use Cases

Livestorm’s API enables countless automation scenarios with internal systems, back offices, and 3rd-party applications. Here are just a few examples:

  • Invite registrants from a landing page or form
  • Automatically invite contacts from a spreadsheet
  • Send attendance information and engagement data to a BI tool
  • Send attendees’ info to a CRM and qualify/nurture them
  • Add contacts engagement data to Intercom

The possibilities are endless! Livestorm’s API lets anyone be autonomous in building their own integrations. For more information on our API, please visit our developer portal.

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