Video Glossary

AI Video

An AI video is a video produced using artificial intelligence technology or software.

What is an AI video?

An AI video is a video produced using artificial intelligence technology or software. Most marketers and creators make AI videos using these two methods:

  • Create custom AI videos from existing content or clips
  • Generate AI videos using text-based prompts

What are examples of use cases for AI videos?

Businesses in almost any industry can benefit from AI videos. Here are some use cases.

Ecommerce companies can use AI video to create personalized product recommendations based on customer data. Along the same lines, marketing teams can leverage AI video to deliver targeted ads and other video marketing efforts that resonate with their audience.

Education providers can use AI video to prepare interactive hybrid learning materials. In the entertainment industry, AI video can create highly personalized and immersive experiences for viewers.


What are the most popular AI video generators?

Some of the most popular AI video generators include:

  • Synthesia is a text-to-video generator with AI avatars and voiceovers.
  • Hour One creates AI videos with custom avatars and an AI script assistant.
  • Pictory generates AI videos using text-based scripts or blog posts.
  • Kapwing has AI tools and templates to help marketing teams create faster.
  • Opus Clip uses AI technology to create viral clips from long-form videos.

How can you distribute AI videos?

After generating AI videos, include them in your video marketing strategy. Share them with your target audience using channels like:

  • Social media: Post AI videos to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter) accounts to educate, entertain, and engage followers.
  • Email marketing: Include AI videos in email newsletters to share company updates, product launches, and other news in an engaging way.
  • Company website: Showcase AI videos on product and service pages, in knowledge bases, or on your homepage.
  • Virtual events: Feature AI videos in online conferences, webinars, and other virtual events. You can easily upload and share AI videos as you livestream via Livestorm.

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