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FAQ Video

An FAQ video is a type of video content that offers answers to common questions about a product, service, topic, or brand.

What is an FAQ video?

An FAQ video is a content format that offers answers to common questions about a product, service, topic, or brand. Also known as a video FAQ, this kind of content gives viewers quick responses and access to helpful information in an engaging visual format.

A great FAQ video can benefit your business, too. A comprehensive piece of content saves your company time. It reduces the need for your team to answer questions individually since viewers can watch the video to get answers.

What does FAQ stand for?

FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions." It’s a list of common questions and their corresponding answers.

The questions and answers are usually related to a specific theme. For example, your company's video FAQ may focus on your brand, product, or service.

How many questions should an FAQ video have?

How in-depth is the topic? Let the level of complexity decide the number of questions to include in an FAQ video.

As a general rule, keep the number of questions between five and 10. This way, you'll create an optimal viewing experience and help viewers retain the information they see.

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How to make an FAQ video

The best video FAQs are genuinely helpful. Use these tips to guide your production process:

  1. Identify your target audience: What kinds of viewers do you want to reach? What kinds of questions are they likely to have? Use your insights to tailor the content to their specific needs.
  2. Choose a format: You may want to use a talking head format where a presenter answers the questions on camera. Another popular option for FAQs is creating a screen recording with a voiceover.
  3. Keep it concise: Ideally, you want to educate and engage viewers. That means you'll want to make the video as brief as possible while still being helpful. Stay focused on the topic at hand.
  4. Use visuals: Visuals are great for making FAQ videos more engaging and easier to understand. To illustrate your answers, use graphics, animations, screenshots, or product demonstrations.
  5. Be professional: An FAQ video should reflect your organization’s branding and tone. Make the video look better by using good lighting and audio quality. Present the information in a clear and concise manner. For example, Livestorm has a Krisp integration to eliminate background noise.
  6. Provide additional resources: An FAQ video can be more than just a great way to answer common questions. It can also provide extra resources for viewers who need more detailed information. For example, you can include links to related videos and articles or a contact form for further inquiries.
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