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CTAs, or call to actions, are online prompts that motivate users to buy, subscribe, download, or provide personal information.

What is a CTA

A call to action, or CTA, is a marketing term describing a digital prompt that inspires action. CTAs elicit a response or sale. Call to actions can be used to motivate users to buy, subscribe, download, or provide personal information. The main goal of a call to action is to convert users.

How CTAs are used in webinars

Many marketing materials use calls to action. The CTA directs the target audience towards the next step of action. For webinars, they can be used on the webinar landing page to gain registrants. CTAs are also commonly included in marketing emails when promoting a webinar. Marketing CTAs can also be used to funnel prospects towards more brand content.

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Call to actions can also be used within webinars. They are a handy sales tool to instruct audiences to buy a product or service. They can be used to distribute material related to the webinar, or help prospects book personalized sales calls. CTAs can be scheduled automatically to occur during a presentation.

Webinar CTA best practices

Some webinar CTA best practices are:

  • Optimize your landing page
  • Use command vocabulary
  • Express value
  • Create a sense of urgency

Optimize landing pages

Everything from the color of the CTAs to their location on a landing page can impact how many people will register for a webinar. Commonly, CTAs located above the fold of a landing page have higher conversion rates. And those with round corners are more likely to be clicked than their pointy-cornered comrades.

Use command vocabulary

Words like “sign up” “register” and “don’t miss out” direct an audience towards action. Passive vocabulary tends to perform poorly when used in calls to action, especially during a live performance.

Express value

As much information as possible should be given to users when they are faced with a CTA. This is easy in a webinar format, where brands can express value in real-time. Once a CTA is launched, speakers can reiterate how the end-user will benefit from clicking a CTA.

Create a sense of urgency

Fear of missing out can encourage prospects to respond to a call to action. Any references to time limits, limited offers or stock depletion can encourage clicks.

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