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Webinar Glossary

Webinar landing page

A webinar landing page is a web page that is designed to promote a webinar and drive visitors to register through a form.

What is a webinar landing page?

A webinar landing page is a web page that was designed with registrations in mind. Landing pages exist separately from a website or other web pages. They are the “landing” point for visitors that have clicked on a link from a marketing promotion, advertisement, social media post, or search result.

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Webinar landing pages hold less information than web pages. They may explain the benefits of a webinar event, but do not go into extensive detail about the brand and company. This is to deter visitors from losing interest or navigating away from the landing page. Some landing pages completely do away with site navigation to make sure visitors stay on the page.

Why use a landing page?

There are two main reasons to use webinar landing pages:

  1. Improve the conversion rate
  2. Track visitors

Improve the conversion rate

Landing pages help to convert page visitors into leads that marketers can contact at a later date. It is possible to see information about leads that convert, like which ad they reacted to and the time of their conversion.

Track visitors

Landing pages that have been integrated with ad platforms can track visitors and conversions. Tracking helps marketers learn about their audience and finetune their targeting.

What are the key elements of a landing page?

The key elements of a landing page help to target visitors, inspire action and gather information.

Here are some elements of a webinar landing page:

  • Headline
  • Testimonial
  • Call to action
  • Registration form


Effective landing pages are focused on one topic. Headlines should fit the goal of the landing page. This helps with SEO, and with capturing visitor’s attention.


Relevant testimonials convince visitors to take action because of social proof. If visitors see that trustworthy brands and affiliates vouch for a product or service, they will be more inclined to act.

Call to action

CTAs prompt visitors to complete actions. CTAs can be buttons, images, links, or lines of text. They often direct the user towards the desired action with terms like “buy now” or “register here.”

Registration form

Registration forms are a way for markers to capture leads. The forms gate content like webinars and provide access to a visitor only after they submit personal information. Registration forms capture information like:

  • Name
  • Company size
  • Work email
  • Job title
  • Website

Using these forms, marketers can find out identifying characteristics from leads and tailor their campaigns for better targeting. In addition, the sales team can contact the prospects after the webinars to present the company products or services.

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