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Custom Webinar URL

A custom webinar URL is a personalized link that helps organizers easily identify and promote their virtual events.

What is a Custom Webinar URL?

A custom webinar URL is a personalized link that helps organizers easily identify and promote their virtual events.

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Benefits of using a Custom Webinar URL

Generate Your Own URL

Creating a custom webinar URL allows organizers to generate their own unique address for the registration page of their event. This branded and tailored URL will not only help attendees remember it easier, but it will also help them distinguish themselves from competitors and create a more professional image.

Increase Visibility

A custom webinar URL helps increase the visibility of virtual events by providing a recognizable link for potential attendees to easily access. Additionally, creating a branded URL allows tying in other marketing efforts such as email campaigns or social media posts.

Enhance Brand Recognition

Their own personalized webinar URL is the perfect way to tie together all of their virtual events and promote their brand. This branded link will help them stand out from competitors and create a more professional image, allowing them to build trust with potential attendees.

Improve Event Promotion

Using a custom webinar URL is the most effective way to promote virtual events. Attendees can include it in their emails, on social media posts, and other marketing materials to help drive more sign-ups. This personalized link also helps attendees remember the registration page for future use.

How to customize your Livestorm Webinar URL

The webinar slug plays a critical role in a Livestorm account as it determines the extension of the company page and is utilized in the URLs of registration pages, webinars, and webinar rooms. If a user needs to change their slug, they can follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Slug Field: The user should find the slug field in their Workspace profile.
  2. Click the "Edit" Button: By hovering over the slug field, an "Edit" button will appear. Clicking on it will initiate the slug customization process.
  3. Choose a New Slug: Typically, Livestorm generates the slug based on the company name provided during sign-up. The user can now enter a new, unique slug for their workspace.
  4. Save the Changes: After entering the new slug, it is essential to save the changes. Livestorm will then apply the updated slug to the company, registration pages, meetings, and webinar rooms.

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