Webinar Glossary

Webinar integration

Webinar software integrations connect different tools to a webinar software to create one unified system.

What is a webinar integration?

Software integrations connect different tools to create one unified system. Integrations are useful for consolidating data. For webinars, integrations to webinar software make it possible to use a variety of tools for purposes like events management, marketing, advertising and CRM tools.

Some ways that integrations can be used are:

  • Event management
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Customer success

Event management

Webinar integrations that help to manage events can set up payment gateways and add streaming platforms.

Payment gateways

Adding a payment gateway to a webinar helps to manage discounts and create registrations automatically. It is possible to connect apps that let people buy event tickets and push that data to a webinar software. The webinar software can then create webinar registrations automatically. Payment gateways are also a good way to manage discounts and varied ticket types for paid webinars.

Streaming platforms

Some integrations allow for streaming platforms to be embedded into the frame of a webinar software. This helps organizers access detailed attendee data, scale, and grow live events. Having the possibility to stream other platforms in the webinar room allows for more compatibility across different devices or networks and more scalability for really big events.

Marketing and advertising

Webinars are powerful marketing tools and there are integrations that can improve both marketing automation and analytics.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation tools qualify audiences and nurture leads with automated workflows. Automatically add events to your calendar, implement advanced email campaigns, or add webinar registration forms to any landing page with marketing integrations.


Engage your audience

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Analytics dashboard Livestorm


Monitor traffic from analytic tools and discover powerful insights. Track your visits from your own dashboard on your registration pages. And get some powerful insights from top-performing analytics platforms.


Webinars integrated with advertising tools can track registrations, create custom audiences, and retarget them later on.

Customer success

Customer success teams can use webinar integrations to manage customer relationships and communicate with clients.

Live chat webinars

Live Chat

Display a live chat on registration pages with webinar integrations to customer communication tools. This makes it possible to chat with clients in on-demand webinar rooms and customize in-app messages.


It is possible to build strong customer relationships by filtering attendee data. Customer relationship managers can push new webinar registrants into their favorite CRM tool to create a contact or deal. Or the information can be used to update an existing contact.


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