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Webinar Glossary

On-demand webinar

On-demand webinars are pre-recorded webinars that are accessible at all times via a registration form.

What is an on-demand webinar?

On-demand webinars are pre-recorded webinars that are accessible all of the time. They can be hosted on a website, blog, or anywhere a link can be embedded. Registrations are always open for on-demand webinars, making them an excellent source of evergreen content.

Since on-demand webinars are pre-recorded, they can actually be the recordings of past live-webinars. Or, an on-demand webinar could be pre-recorded and not broadcasted in real-time.

The process of registering for on-demand webinars stays the same as for live-webinars, except the registrant does not have to wait until a specific date and time to watch the content. After submitting the registration form, registrants may be instantly redirected to the webinar. Or, they are sent an access code that can be used to immediately enter the webinar room.

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It is important to disable any chat or question features in on-demand webinars so that registrants do not try to use these features as points of contact. There are other methods of communicating with the viewers of on-demand webinars, like integrations with third-party customer service applications such as Intercom or Drift.

Evergreen webinars

On-demand webinars are considered evergreen content, which means that they never go out of date. Named after the tree that never loses its leaves, evergreen content can withstand the fluctuations on any media cycle. Topics for these webinars will always be relevant, regardless of any outside factors (like the latest news cycle).

Benefits of on-demand webinars

On-demand webinars are ideal for self-serve clients. They are flexible options that are not reliant on time zones or days of the week. On-demand webinars allow people to access content immediately, regardless of where they are in the world. This makes them stay relevant for longer and maximizes their potential reach.


On-demand vs live webinars

Since on-demand webinars are pre-recorded, they can be made accessible 24/7. Live webinars are broadcasted in real-time and need to be planned in advance. Live webinars can only be accessed for the date and time that they are scheduled for. The real-life nature of live webinars means that many interactions are occurring throughout the presentation. Viewers can submit polls, ask questions, or jump on the chat while the webinars are happening and receive responses instantly from presenters.

On-demand webinar use cases

Customers can be trained and informed faster with on-demand webinars. On-demand webinars are also very useful for qualifying leads and generate top-of-funnel leads. They can be sent to the least qualified leads in lieu of direct contact with a salesperson. Finally, trials can be run with on-demand webinars. The quick nature of these resources saves time for busy decision-makers.

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