Webinar Glossary

Webinar promotion

Webinars can be promoted for free, via paid promotion, or through partnerships to increase the number of registrants.

How to promote your webinars

For a webinar to gain registrants and attendees, it has to be promoted through appropriate channels. Webinars can be promoted for free, paid promotion, or through partnerships. We break down the full scope of webinar promotion in this guide.

Free channels

Promoting a webinar for free is easy when brands leverage the marketing tools that they already have in place. Mailing lists can be used to contact interested customers, and webinars are easy to promote in communications like newsletters.

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In-app notifications and website banners can be implemented at no cost to advertise the webinars. And adding autoresponders to help chats can increase interest in a webinar for existing clients. Finally, the easiest way to promote a webinar for free is word of mouth. Sales and customer support can share the word while they build customer relationships.

Paid channels

Promoting a webinar through free channels is helpful in attracting current customers and people who are already aware of a brand. To break into uncharted markets, many companies use paid promotion. Paid channels like Google Adwords and lead generation campaigns on social media allow for closer targeting.


Guest speakers and partners come with their own network of potential registrants. Plus, selecting qualified partners and guests has the added benefit of improving brand authority.

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