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How The Chartered College of Teaching Supports Teachers

The Chartered College of Teaching celebrates, supports, and connects teachers to provide world class-education benefiting pupils and society.
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What is The Chartered College of Teaching?

The Chartered College of Teaching is the professional body for the teaching profession. Launched in 2017, the Chartered College equips teachers from the second they enter the classroom with the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for their pupils.

Using webinars as a collaboration tool

Our Chartered College of Teaching members are spread across the UK and internationally too. We needed to be able to reach all of our members, connect them with research evidence and one another. Webinars are one of the key tools we use to achieve this; enabling teachers and educators to share their knowledge and experiences with one another from the comfort of their own workplaces or homes

There is a human connection present in webinars that you don’t get from other options like online forums.

Direct access to insightful feedback

The Chartered College of Teaching uses webinars for their marketing team and membership teams. These webinars help get feedback from members about their products and services.

These webinars are run like focus groups and we can hear firsthand how members are reacting to what we’ve provided them. They’ve enabled us to tailor what we’re doing to meet our members’ needs. We’ve found this has been really important for growing our membership.

Since its launch, the Chartered College of Teaching has seen teachers in every phase and in every region of the country join. Its members reach over 2.2 million pupils. Focus groups have enabled them to ensure that they are connecting with users and making sure they are resonating with them.

They also use webinars to support teacher learning. Teachers working in remote locations, or who do not have other colleagues in their departments, can connect with teachers in other schools. These webinars give them new resources to learn from.

We’ve run a number of programs for early career teachers, which generally means teachers who are in the first three years of their careers. We’ve heard from these teachers that they really need support within the classroom. The Q&A section of our webinars has been helpful for this. If teachers are struggling with specific challenges, they can get tailored support from the webinars.

Finally, the webinars help to support their Chartered Teacher Programme. The Chartered Teacher Programme is a 15-month teacher certification plan, which recognizes the knowledge, skills, and behaviors of excellent teachers and highlights the importance of their expertise in supporting the learning of children and young people. These webinars engage with academic topics like what teaching looks like internationally, teacher wellbeing, cognitive science, research evidence, and curriculum design.

A simple webinar solution

Many Chartered College of Teaching members work in schools, colleges or universities where security is often high on computers, other devices and the internet.

You can’t really download anything and firewalls often cause issues. Similarly, we’ve also had the experience as a participant having trouble accessing webinars. When we chose Livestorm, it was because it was simple to use and easy to access.

The Chartered College of Teaching chose Livestorm because it was easy to use from the very beginning.

Someone with very little knowledge of technology can join a webinar and know immediately what to do.

Plus, the extra features made gathering information easy.

The polls add quite a lot for us and we use them in our focus groups when we want to know information really quickly.

The fact that there is no download required to use Livestorm makes the webinars more accessible.

Our members can be in school, or on a train going home when they view our webinars. We wanted a platform that could be as accessible as possible.

Embedding the signup forms makes promotion easy

The Chartered College of Teaching promotes their webinars in a few ways.

We have targeted communications by dotmailer and if a webinar is coming up, we'll be able to put that within the newsletter that goes out. On our programs that we run, we have an internal VLE and we’ll embed the signup form directly within that platform. It’s really convenient for us because we don’t have to send our members anywhere else to register for our webinars.

Engage your audience with interactive webinars

Making an engaging webinar is key to a good experience.

Try to make the webinars as interactive as possible. Encourage members to talk to each other and interact using the chat panel, and by posting their questions.

Deciding in advance when you want to insert points of engagement in the webinar can make it run smoother. Doing these things can help make sure your webinar has an impact.

We’ve heard from these teachers that they really need support within the classroom. The Q&A section of our webinars has been helpful for this.
Hannah Tyreman
Head of Online Learning

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