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Freshly Uses Livestorm for Its Corporate Meetings

Richard Edwards, VP of Infrastructure, explains how Freshly uses Livestorm to improve remote team communication through corporate meetings.






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About Freshly

Freshly is a nutritionist-approved meal delivery service. The company delivers more than 32-million meals a year across the United States. In 2020, Nestlé acquired Freshly.

Adoption: browser-based access and security

In 2020, Freshly faced many changes, not only due to the pandemic but also due to negotiations with Nestlé for a takeover. Employees could no longer go to the office and important information had to be communicated to them concerning the acquisition procedure.

During this transition period, Richard was tasked with finding a video communication software that could handle a variety of use cases, was easy to use, and gave presenters complete control over meetings.

Richard tested many platforms, but was disappointed with their quality. Also, most of the apps required complicated updates. This is why, when he discovered Livestorm, Richard immediately liked the fact that the platform was accessible directly from the browser. He explains,

For security reasons, our team avoids installing applications and tools as much as possible - this is why Livestorm immediately appealed to us!

Livestorm complies with all the security criteria offered by the browser and, therefore, was a wise choice for Freshly. Livestorm is not only secure, but also offers instant connection to participants.

In addition, the fact that Livestorm can be accessed from all screens, without downloading anything, allowed staff working in food packaging plants to attend company meetings from their mobile phones. This is what convinced Richard to opt for Livestorm!

Objective: stay connected despite the change

Freshly uses Livestorm to allow its employees to communicate and collaborate remotely. The shift to a new way of working (due to the pandemic) and a new management team (following the takeover by Nestlé) represented significant changes.

Freshly's management teams then decided to organize company meetings that would be moderated by the CEOs of Nestlé and Freshly. These meetings were broadcasted to over 1,000 employees.

Using Livestorm's engagement features, employees could easily ask their questions, which were answered in real time.

For Richard, the usefulness of Livestorm is clear since the platform allows management teams to easily communicate with several hundred employees at the same time and in real time. He explains,

If you want to reach a large audience and are looking for an equal rendering in video, then there is no better choice than Livestorm.


Freshly 's favorite features


Connect to the event room directly from a browser without downloading software.

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Seamlessly set up events with multiple sessions. Make joining easy using a single link.


Engage your audience with fully customizable polls and access the results in real-time.

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For Richard, access to the video engagement platform from the browser is a very important criterion, particularly for security and user experience reasons.

Additionally, Richard appreciates the ease of use of Livestorm. Engagement tools such as online chat, Q&As, and polls are all brought together on one platform. This removes friction and reduces the costs of hosting and managing online meetings.

Without Livestorm, Richard explains that it would have been difficult for Freshly to organize these internal events so seamlessly. The company would have had to use multiple tools at once to try to achieve the same level of engagement. He adds,

Livestorm is very easy to use and offers many engagement tools. Honestly, it's a really capable platform.

Finally, Richard also uses Livestorm's recurring events feature. This allows him to schedule several company meetings automatically while keeping the same registration page.

Diversification of the use of Livestorm

After this pivotal period of the pandemic coupled with the Nestlé takeover, Freshly continues to use Livestorm for its internal corporate communications.

In addition, in the coming months, Freshly teams will start using Livestorm for onboarding and remote training sessions for their employees.

For his part, Richard has already created training related to safety, which gets distributed to several hundred employees at a time!

To get the same results as Freshly, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“For security reasons, our team avoids installing applications and tools as much as possible - this is why Livestorm immediately appealed to us!”

Richard Edwards Freshly

Richard Edwards

Vice President of Infrastructure

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