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How Freshly uses Livestorm to connect their distributed team and smooth their acquisition

We spoke with with Richard Edwards, Vice President of Infrastructure , to find out how Freshly connects teams and builds awareness with Livestorm.






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Freshly crafts and delivers healthy prepared meals at scale across the United States. They use Livestorm in a variety of ways to communicate with their distributed team. Combining browser-based software that is easy to use, advanced engagement features, and powerful broadcasting abilities, Livestorm helps Freshly operate in uncertain times.

Staying connected in times of change

Like the rest of us, the past few months for Freshly have been marked by great change. In March 2020, their entire company was working together from one central office. Once the pandemic hit, the team moved to fully remote operations. And in October, they were acquired by Nestle. Transitioning to a new style of working and new leadership was a change for the whole team. Livestorm helps Freshly easily engage and connect throughout these changes.

The search for a solution

During their transition to remote, Richard Edwards, the VP of Infrastructure at Freshly, was tasked with a choice. He needed to find a video conferencing platform that could handle a variety of use cases. It needed to be easy to operate and moderate, giving hosts total control.

He tested a lot of platforms and was dismayed at their poor quality, high levels of lag, or confusing layouts. His deadline was quickly approaching, and he still hadn’t found the best tool for the job. Then he found Livestorm.

From the beginning, Livestorm was appealing to Richard because it doesn’t need to be downloaded.

Richard says, "Anytime I have to install something, I am not a fan of it due to security reasons.”

Browser-based Livestorm is subject to the security of the browser, making it a smart choice.

The browser-based nature of the platform packs a double whammy: it’s not only secure, but it’s also easy to connect. Livestorm makes it possible for anyone in the company to connect no matter where they are. Someone on the road can dial-in during their long commute, or transient factory workers can use their cell service to sign on.


One versatile tool

Freshly uses Livestorm for different events. During their acquisition by Nestle, Freshly hosted Town Hall meetings between the CEO of Nestle and the CEO of Freshly. These meetings were broadcasted to hundreds of team members within different kinds of facilities. The built-in chat, questions, and polls made the transition smoother as employee questions were addressed in real-time.

For Richard, the opportunity to scale is a clear draw.

“If you need to reach a large audience, where you need multiple sessions, lots of people have to connect, and if you are looking for feature parity, video response … there is no other good tool out there.”

They also use Livestorm for company-wide training sessions. Able to be broadcasted to many employees at once, Livestorm is the perfect tool to train remote employees on company policies.


Keeping remote employees engaged and informed

By having everything from landing pages, email notifications, and analytics all in one platform, Livestorm removes the friction of organizing and managing online events. This makes it easy for Freshly to run recurring online events designed to keep their remote team engaged and informed.

Without Livestorm, Freshly would have a hard time running smooth events. Their options would be limited to using several tools at once to try to reach the same level of engagement. Video would have to be streamed through one platform, and capturing chats, questions and polls would not be able to occur in the same place. Livestorm is one complete tool for engaging Freshly employees.

Above all, Livestorm is a video conferencing solution that is easy to use.

Says Richard, “It’s very easy to use. I’ve got to be’s pretty great software.”

If you need to reach a large audience, where you need multiple sessions, and if you are looking for feature parity, video response… there is no other good tool out there.

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Richard Edwards

Vice President of Infrastructure

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