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GoCheck Kids: Converting with Webinars

GoCheck Kids is a software-based vision screener for pediatricians. Learn how Livestorm helps them to convert leads and spread awareness about early developmental eye disorders.






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What is GoCheck Kids

GoCheck Kids is a software-based vision screener for pediatricians. We provide a photoscreening technology for children to detect vision disorders very early, even before they are old enough to run the eye chart test. The earlier you can detect those disorders the better you can fight the risk of permanent vision loss. Our mission is to screen 20 million children by 2020.

This photoscreening method already exists with big, bulky, very expensive devices but GoCheck Kids offers a much simpler, much cheaper method, but, just as accurate, using a simple smartphone app. Our technology leverage the flash and the camera on your phone to detect the risk factors.

Why are you doing webinars?

We are marketing mainly to pediatricians within big medical groups or children hospitals, that are enterprise prospects, as well as schools or smaller pediatric practices.

Webinars are perfect for the latter. It does not make sense financially to go after them with the same sales approach as we have for enterprise prospect, and doing 1:1 calls would take much more time. So it was not worth the expenditure.

So we started initially doing product demonstration focused webinars with those existing leads. But soon, we realized we still needed to do a lot of education work around photoscreening. So we started to host webinars as a lead acquisition tactic: 15 minutes around the photo screening technology and then transition to a product demonstration.

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Why did you choose Livestorm?

We love a lot of the features on Livestorm. First of all, Pediatricians attend webinars on their lunch break, most of the time on an old Windows computer that has been sitting there forever, and they don't often have a great bandwidth.

Having the compatibility mode has been great for dealing with audio/video issues inherent to those environments. So, when we start the webinar we tell people to click on the link to turn on the compatibility mode to avoid audio or video issues.

We also have been using the polls recently. I've noticed that the more engaging the webinar attendees are, the more likely they are to convert after the webinar. If they send a couple questions during the session they are more likely to purchase.

So what we started doing is sending a poll at the beginning of each webinar and we ask them "at what age do you begin screening using the wall chart?". That allows us to transition to photoscreening and establish the need, with a very low barrier to start interacting with us.

What advice would you give to someone who never hosted webinars?

At the beginning, we had sales staff doing the webinar, and they are typically very sales-oriented and not very information-oriented. But the lesson we've learned down the road is that the more value you provide throughout the webinar just informing and giving for free, the more likely they are to purchase.

Also, you should give a clear next step at the end of the webinar. We have a landing page set up for them to create a free trial out of the webinar.

How do you promote your webinars?

We use emails, Facebook Lead Ads and have some webinar landing pages to get people to signup for our webinars and learn more about photoscreening.

We do marketing tests very frequently, around five/week. And two of them are for webinars. So I test different ways to acquire leads, convert them, etc.

Emails and Facebook Lead Ads are the ones that work the best for us, Twitter Ads also showed some results. We are currently testing paid search and I'm trying to redirect a part of this traffic to our webinar landing page instead of trying to sign them up for a trial.

We love a lot of the features on Livestorm. [...] I've noticed that the more engaging the webinar attendees are, the more likely they are to convert after the webinar.

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