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GoCheck Kids Generates and Converts Leads with Webinars

Bryan Loomis, Marketing Manager, explains how GoCheck Kids uses Livestorm to convert leads and talk about the topic of children's vision conditions.






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About GoCheck Kids

GoCheck Kids is a retinal scan software for pediatricians. The company has created photo-retinal technology to detect vision pathologies, even before a child is old enough to take an optometric test.

More than 6,500 pediatric teams use GoCheck Kids.

Adoption: engagement without downloads

The GoCheck Kids Marketing team needed to communicate to pediatricians from large medical groups, children's hospitals, schools, and small clinics. With that mission in mind, Bryan set out to find the best webinar platform.

For GoCheck Kids, it was important that the webinar platform made it easy for attendees to connect. Brian clarifies,

Pediatricians often have aging tools and low connection speeds. The fact that Livestorm is accessible from the browser allows us to ensure maximum participation.

Livestorm's engagement features also convinced the GoCheck Kids team. Bryan particularly likes the polls that allow hosts to engage with attendees right from the start of the webinar.

Objectives: generation and qualification of leads

GoCheck Kids started out with product demo webinars for schools and small clinics. This is because these organizations, while a focus for GoCheck Kids, are generally too small to warrant the involvement of the Sales team. The Marketing team therefore organized group demo webinars for these particular targets.

In addition, in order to educate early childhood professionals about retinal scanning, the Marketing team also regularly organizes content webinars. The objective is to inform potential customers about the detection of vision pathologies and how GoCheck Kids' technology can help them.

At the end of demo or content webinars, the Marketing team uses Livestorm to send attendees to a registration page to sign up for a trial.


GoCheck Kids's favorite features


Connect to the event room directly from a browser without downloading software.


Engage your audience with fully customizable polls and access the results in real-time.

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GoCheck Kids has noticed that the more informative and interactive the webinar is, the more likely attendees are to purchase their solution. "We've seen a real correlation," says Bryan.

The Marketing team, therefore, relies on Livestorm's engagement features to interact with participants. At the start of the webinar, the host publishes a survey asking health professionals at what age they do retinal screening. Bryan explains that this survey allows them to interact with the participants, to establish the need, and to showcase the technology of GoCheck Kids.

Beyond engagement, Bryan also likes Livestorm for its ease of use. Compared to other webinar software, Livestorm does not require a download, which makes it easier for participants to connect. This feature has helped GoCheck Kids improve their webinar attendance.

In the coming months, GoCheck Kids will continue to use Livestorm for its product demo webinars and marketing webinars.

To get the same results as GoCheck Kids, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“I really like the engagement features. The fact that Livestorm is accessible from the browser also allows us to ensure maximum participation.”

Bryan Loomis GoCheck Kids

Bryan Loomis

Vision Impairment Awareness

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