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Jarvis Boosts Onboarding with 60% Customer Participation

Coralie Loheac, Product Owner, explains how Jarvis Legal uses Livestorm and webinars to onboard and train its customers.







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About Jarvis Legal

Jarvis Legal is a SaaS management solution for law firms that provides billing and time tracking tools. Thousands of lawyers in France and abroad use Jarvis Legal.


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Adoption: Ease of use of Livestorm

Jarvis Legal did not use any webinar software before opting for Livestorm. Coralie had done a comparison and finally chose Livestorm because of its ease of use.

In particular, the ease of use for the participants was a key criterion. Coralie explains: "We are addressing an audience that is not necessarily computer literate, so we needed a simple solution. We have never had any negative feedback on Livestorm, whether it was about getting started or connection problems."

Coralie also attributes the high participation rate of 60% to the simplicity of connecting to the webinar. She states,

We are always surprised by our participation rate, which averages 60%. This is mainly due to the ease of connecting to Livestorm.

Objectives: Onboarding and user training

Although Jarvis Legal is designed to be easy to use, it was important for Coralie and her team to train new users efficiently. The team had noticed that its competitors also organize webinars, but only once a month. The company decided to differentiate itself by creating 20 to 30 minute onboarding webinars once a week.

During these webinars, Coralie presents the solution. She explains, "We never rely on a Powerpoint, because it is often too boring. We prefer to interact as much as possible with the participants".

jarvis legal team

At first, these onboarding webinars were only intended for new customers, but Coralie noticed that some prospects were also signing up. She explains, "They see the links to the webinar in our newsletters or on our website, register, and then come to ask questions about the product. This prevents an overly commercial approach."

These onboarding webinars are not only useful for new customers. They also allow prospects to have a preview of Jarvis Legal features when they are not sure if they are interested or are simply not available for a one-on-one sales demonstration.

In addition, every time they interact with a client or a prospect, the teams mention the fact that Jarvis organizes webinars. Coralie adds,

Beyond the written support, it reassures them that we can provide this type of session to ask questions.

In the coming months, Jarvis Legal will continue to organize onboarding and client training webinars. Coralie would also like to create webinars on different topics, in order to capture more users and she would even like to bring in experts on each topic.

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“Livestorm is very easy to use. We are addressing an audience that is not necessarily tech savvy, so we needed a simple, turnkey solution.”

Coralie Loheac

Product Owner

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