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Jenji Sees 90% Participation Rates During Product Demos

Maude Marchandise, Communications Officer, explains how Jenji uses Livestorm to qualify prospects through product demonstration webinars.







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About Jenji

Jenji is an expense management platform. The company offers a web and mobile user experience that facilitates all stages of expense report management: from receipt to accounting entry, not to mention validation by the manager. Jenji is used by over 40,000 organizations.


Results seen with Livestorm


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Adoption: ease of use and engagement

Webinars have been part of Jenji's acquisition strategy since its inception. The Jenji teams therefore tried several webinar software, without being completely convinced.

Indeed, Maude was looking for a webinar platform that was easy to use. She specifies,

Livestorm is very easy to use, both for organizers and participants. We chose Livestorm because the platform is clear and intuitive.

But for Jenji, it was Livestorm's engagement features that made all the difference. Maude explains, "Having the chat, questions, and polls in a separate section from the rest of the webinar makes it all clearer. It keeps webcams and screen sharing front and center."

Objective: focus on qualified prospects

When Maude chose to use Livestorm, Jenji was growing: the number of leads generated per week was constantly increasing and the sales team did not have the capacity to respond to each demo request individually.

Therefore, her and the team decided to set up product demonstration webinars in order to present the functionalities of the Jenji platform. These demo webinars last 30 minutes long and include a Q&A session at the end. Maude and her team organize these webinars every 15 days. She specifies,

We've found that around 90% of our demo session registrants show up on the day of the webinar.

The Sales team then offers personalized demos to the most qualified prospects, and those who the most engaged during the webinar, in order to meet their specific needs. This allows leads to be filtered and only qualified contacts are added to the Sales team's pipeline. Maude adds,

The "scalability" of webinars helps us to address a large number of prospects, without multiplying our internal needs.

Maude notably noticed that the mere presence of a prospect at a demo webinar drastically increases their chances of becoming a customer later on.


Jenji's favorite features

Email cadences

Send unlimited customized reminders and follow-up emails. Use plain text or custom HTML.


Engage your audience with fully customizable polls and access the results in real-time.

Question and answer

Centralize audience questions and answer them through a tab in the event room.

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When organizing webinars, Maude advises not to underestimate the importance of promotion, which is why she particularly appreciates Livestorm's email cadences feature. Email cadences allow her to send reminder and follow-up emails to all registrants automatically.

Additionally, the Marketing team loves Livestorm's engagement features. Maude tends to use the polls to interact with participants at the start of the webinar.

Maude also appreciates the questions tab, which is separate from the chat. This makes it easy to follow the questions asked by the participants.

In the coming months, Jenji's Marketing team will continue to use Livestorm for their product demo webinars. Maude would also like to start creating content webinars to generate leads at the top of the sales funnel.

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“With Livestorm, around 90% of our demo session registrants show up on the day of the webinar.”

Maude Marchandise Jenji

Maude Marchandise

Communications Manager

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