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Leadfeeder Speeds Up Customer Training with Livestorm

Peter Sterkenburg, Customer Success Lead, explains how Leadfeeder uses Livestorm to train multiple customers at once through webinars.







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Customer Training

About Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a website visitor identification solution. The software integrates with Google Analytics data to scrub and enrich its data and provide an overview of the companies that have visited a website. Leadfeeder is used by over 60,000 professionals worldwide.

Adoption: user experience and reporting

Peter was looking for a solution that would allow him to optimize customer relations and save time for his teams by training several customers at the same time.

Peter has tested many webinar solutions, but none really met his expectations in terms of accessibility, functionality, or customer support. It was finally by participating in a webinar organized by Pipedrive (a Livestorm customer and integration partner) that Peter discovered Livestorm.

For Peter, design and user experience are very important and Livestorm really stood out based on these two criteria. He explains,

Livestorm is very easy to use; automated e-mails are aesthetically pleasing. The platform is nice, professional, and modern. Not to mention that there is nothing to download!

The Leadfeeder teams were completely convinced by Livestorm after doing a few test webinars. Peter found that Livestorm provides very easy access to performance data thanks to its integrated dashboard. He specifies,

Thanks to Livestorm's performance chart, we can now measure the effectiveness of our webinars using attendance and engagement data.

Peter therefore decided to opt for Livestorm and managed to integrate the solution very easily with the other marketing tools used by his company.

Objective: group onboarding of new customers

Leadfeeder experienced strong growth and it was no longer possible to onboard each client individually due to a lack of resources and time. Therefore, Peter decided to implement a tactic of customer training webinars.

For Leadfeeder, it is very important that every new user who creates an account — regardless of the size of their business — gets properly onboarded. Peter explains, "We use Livestorm to measure the health of our customers. Webinar registrations and participations are real objectives for us in our onboarding campaigns for new customer".

Peter also sees onboarding and customer training webinars as a way to turn customer support into real coaching. With webinars, his team takes a proactive approach by anticipating customer needs.

Moreover, following the organization of the first training webinars, the positive feedback from customers did not take long to come! Peter has also noticed increased customer engagement. He elaborates,

Our webinars are taking off without a hitch and we are getting very positive feedback from customers. It helps to have software that works and is fun to use!


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Leadfeeder's Customer Success team really likes Livestorm's dashboard. It allows them to obtain detailed data on the number of views on the registration page and the volume of registrations. Moreover, they can synchronize this data with their marketing automation tools and CRM. Peter explains,

With Livestorm's CRM integrations, we can now identify whether a registrant is a prospect or already a customer.

The Leadfeeder teams also use email cadence to automatically send email reminders to registrants to maximize their participation.

Above all, Peter and his teams appreciate Livestorm because of its reliability. This avoids stress for the organizers of the webinar. Peter explains,

When organizing a webinar, the stress factors depend above all on the software used. That's why I love Livestorm: it just works!

In the coming months, Peter and his teams will continue to use Livestorm for customer onboarding. Leadfeeder's Marketing teams, meanwhile, want to start creating lead generation webinars.

To get the same results as Leadfeeder, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“When organizing a webinar, the stress factors mainly depend on the software used. That's why I love Livestorm: it just works!”


Peter Sterkenburg

Customer Success Lead

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