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Less Annoying CRM Relieves Support Teams with Livestorm

Julia Zasso, CRM Coach, explains how Less Annoying CRM uses Livestorm to relieve Support and Customer Success teams by leveraging onboarding and training webinars.






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About Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is an easy to use CRM that offers lead- and customer-management functionalities. The software saves small businesses time in setting up their CRM.

Less Annoying CRM was recognized as the #1 CRM for ease of use by the G2 review website.

Adoption: features and customer service

Before implementing Livestorm, Julia and her team were already using webinars in their strategy. They had used different platforms, but felt limited when it came to features.

Less Annoying CRM then chose to switch to Livestorm to have access to the following valuable features:

  • Registration widgets
  • A company Ppage
  • Email cadences
  • Personalized branding

Livestorm's ease of use and customer service also played a big part in the decision-making. Julia clarifies,

We are happy to have switched to Livestorm, especially because of your great customer service!

Objective: relieving the Support teams

Julia's objective was to relieve the Less Annoying CRM Support teams during peak periods and for sessions recurring topics. Managing the same requests in individual meetings required a significant time commitment and this impacted the productivity of the team. It is for this reason that Julia chose to transition to a webinar strategy in order to combine demands.

On the client side, these onboarding webinars were immediately a success because Less Annoying CRM users can register for them on an "à la carte" basis depending on the topic covered. Julia explains, "Our customers really like our onboarding webinars because they can register for them based on their needs and schedule. If they can't attend live, they have access to the recordings."

For Julia, this webinar strategy does not mean that individual coaching should be abandoned. The two strategies can co-exist, but webinars can be a true time saver.

In addition to its onboarding webinars, Less Annoying CRM also organizes training webinars on very specific topics, in order to support Customer Success teams. Julia explains, "At first, we thought that Livestorm would funciton as just an onboarding tool, but it has proved to be a very good tool connact our customers to quality content."

That said, Less Annoying CRM organizes one-hour webinars for existing customers on specific topics. This format has been very successful since it allows customers to discover features they did not previously know about and thus, increase their usage.


Less Annoying CRM's favorite features

Email cadences

Send unlimited customized reminders and follow-up emails. Use plain text or custom HTML.

Registration widget

Embed a registration form on any webpage to capture more registrants.

Custom branding

Add your branding to all event assets like registration pages, email cadences, and your event room.

See all features

Julia and her team particularly appreciate Livestorm's promotion features that make it easy to set up the webinar.

Less Annoying CRM uses Unbounce to create the webinar registration pages and Julia integrates the Livestorm form into it in order to sync registrations. From there, Julia uses email cadences to automatically send reminder emails. She explains,

With Livestorm, it's very easy to schedule a webinar. I was able to set up reminder and follow-up emails in just minutes.

To promote the webinars, Julia also uses the Livestorm registration widgets, which she adds to certain pages of their website. This allows the team to generate registrations effortlessly. She adds,

Livestorm's subscription widgets are a real bonus. They allow us to integrate a form and the list of events to generate registrations easily.

In addition, Julia also likes the visual rendering of webinars and the ease of use of the platform. With branding features, she can completely customize the event room by changing colors, adding a logo or background image. Julia elaborates,

The visual rendering of the webinars organized on Livestorm is great and everything is very easy to use.

Finally, at the end of the webinars, Julia and her team track performance in the dashboard Livestorm. New contacts are exported in .CSV format and added to their CRM.

In the coming months, Julia and her team will continue to use Livestorm for their onboarding and customer training webinars. Julia even wants to start promoting these webinars through automated emails.

To get the same results as Less Annoying CRM, create a free account on Livestorm now.

“The visual rendering of the webinars organized on Livestorm is great and everything is very easy to use.”

Julia Zasso

CRM Coach

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