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Meister Generates and Trains 200+ New Customers per Month

Oliver Huebler, Vice President of Sales, explains how Meister's teams use Livestorm for their customer training and marketing webinars.







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Customer Training

About Meister

Meister is a simple and intuitive solution for collaborating on a project and assigning tasks within a team. The company brings together many customers in Europe and the United States. Meister has also been recognized by WIRED as one of the best project tracking and management applications.


Results seen with Livestorm


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Adoption: ease of use and customer support

Oliver needed a webinar platform that allowed him to train multiple clients at once to familiarize them with Meister's tools. He explained, "Webinars are the only format that allows you to do both one-on-ones with clients and present to a large audience".

After testing many webinar software, Meister chose Livestorm because of its ease of use and simple interface. With Livestorm, Oliver only had to do a test webinar to be convinced! He recalled,

Before discovering Livestorm, I had the opportunity to test a lot of software but with little success. We finally chose Livestorm for its simplicity and its interface.

Oliver also added that Livestorm's excellent customer support made the difference. He also noticed that requested features get implemented quickly on the platform.

Objectives: Customer training and marketing webinars

Meister uses Livestorm mainly to organize weekly webinars where his team presents the features of the solution to his customers. These customer training webinars are very easy to organize and save time by training several customers at once. Oliver added,

We average 200 clients at our training webinars per month. We therefore benefit from a very attractive return on investment.

In addition, Meister also uses Livestorm for lead generation for key accounts. Oliver explained that webinars were a way to put into practice content previously delivered via an e-book.

Meister webinar

These marketing webinars, although organized less regularly, have been a real success: their latest marketing webinar, organized in German, generated more than 800 registrations!


MeisterLabs's favorite features

On-demand events

Create on-demand events that participants can join and watch at any time.

Question and answer

Centralize audience questions and answer them through a tab in the event room.


Connect to the event room directly from a browser without downloading software.

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Oliver explains that webinars on Livestorm are very easy to organize, due to the built-in tools such as registration pages or automatic email cadences. He insists: "I really recommend Livestorm to those who are serious about setting up webinars!".

The webinars organized on Livestorm are also directly accessible from the browser, which has a positive impact on the participation rate. Oliver elaborated,

Our customers love our webinars: thanks to Livestorm, they are very easy to access.

Beyond the simplicity provided by Livestorm, Oliver also appreciates the engagement features. His team specifically uses surveys to interact with participants.

Meister's trick? Oliver recommends engaging with attendees based on their survey responses. This creates a real two-way discussion between the facilitator and the participants!

Finally, Meister's marketing teams regularly use on-demand events for their content webinars. The webinar replay is sent automatically and registrants can view it if they were unable to attend the live session.

In the coming months, Meister will continue to use Livestorm for its onboarding and customer training webinars, while accelerating the creation of marketing webinars.

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“With Livestorm, I'm finally happy and not only with their software, also with their amazing and blazing fast support. Try the free webinar and you will be convinced.”

Oliver Huebler Meister

Oliver Huebler

Vice President of Sales

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