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Toucan Toco Helps Managers with Data Visualization

Toucan Toco is a Data Storytelling software. The solution helps top managers in Marketing, HR, or Finance keep an eye on their business KPIs to make the best decisions thanks to simple, accessible data-visualizations.






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What is Toucan Toco?

Toucan Toco is a Data Storytelling software that helps top managers keep an eye on their business KPIs. This helps managers make better decisions with the help of simple and accessible data-visualizations.

What makes Toucan Toco different is that they address the needs of top managers. Traditiona BI solutions are complex, oftentimes designed for data scientists. Toucan Toco is for the rest of your company: the remaining 90%, non-tech-savvy, users who still need that data to make appropriate decisions.

Webinars were a first time for Adrien Wiesenbach, Lead Acquisition Marketing, and his team. Before hosting webinars, they were mostly relying on one-on-ones. Everyone was using their own solution. Plus, with the company expanding quickly to the rest of Europe and the US, they needed a unified solution for the entire team. They sought out a way to showcase their product at scale, remotely and in every language.

After a few months, they switched completely to Livestorm and relied on webinars for their sales and marketing.


Webinars as a discovery and demo process

Lots of our users come to webinars in the first place because they need to evangelize on the very core problem they are solving.

When Toucan Toco came to Livestorm, they needed a webinar software to explain what is a BI solution, what it does, and how their approach was different.

"We needed to educate on what is Data Storytelling, the importance of contextualizing data that large companies produce, and how we can turn that data into actionable levers".

The first kind of webinars Toucan Toco implemented is meant to create awareness about the prospect's core problem. They are producing discovery content on data-visualization and data-storytelling.

The next step in that strategy is to use that awareness to pull their attendees down the funnel, host demo webinars and trigger interest in the solution.

Toucan Toco hosts a generic demo for their top-manager prospects, whether if they work in Marketing, Finance or HR.

We also host demo webinars to showcase our solution to every top manager in every department. [...] We notice a wow effect every time when we host on-site demos, but now we found a way to show off what we do at scale, and remotely.

All-in-one webinar solution for scaling abroad

One of the main features that led Toucan Toco to Livestorm were the languages supported. As they scale their business in Europe or in the US, they needed to translate their webinars in different languages:

We are opening our business to the rest of Europe and the US, so we needed a software that supports different languages.

The second aspect of Livestorm that resonates with the company is our holistic approach of web-conferencing. Livestorm provides live streaming capabilities but also everything around it: landing pages, analytics, integrations, etc.

Often the webinar solutions are just a technical solution, but Livestorm adds an all-in-one marketing approach with landing pages, automated emails, etc.


Unifying the communication process

In December when we decided to work on Livestorm Meet, we already knew that Livestorm would tackle two main issues: how do I make sure everyone is using the same communication process across my company? And do I address my communication needs (demo, training, collaboration) with one solution?

When Adrien choose Livestorm to unify their webinar process for sales and marketing, he had done only part of the job. He needed to take care also of the meeting process.

We were pleasantly surprised when we saw that Livestorm Meet was released. We needed to unify both webinars and meetings, and Livestorm is working really well for us.

Meet will keep growing fast to help companies like Toucan Toco unify their comms.

Toucan Toco's Playbook for Webinars

Getting good at webinars is hard. The learning curve is long and steep. But the road is paved with learnings.

Our first lesson was to take things slow, think small, and have different people presenting until you find someone who does it well and enjoys running webinars.

Consistency is key. Toucan Toco knows it too:

We hosted regularly many small webinars with different presenters, on different topics.

This strategy enabled them to find, a) the right kind of content, and b) the right people, who actually enjoyed hosting those webinars.

Regarding the webinar promotion process, Toucan Toco relies on several different channels: inbound marketing (social media, website), emailing, paid ads (on Facebook and Linkedin), but also outbound emailing from their sales department.

What impressed us is how fast they have been able to tackle their webinar process:

We document everything that has been working well for our webinars inside our internal documentation. We can experiment, learn and keep improving our webinar process.

And we encourage you to replicate.

Often the webinar solutions are just a technical solution, but Livestorm adds an all-in-one marketing approach with landing pages, automated emails, analytics, etc.

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Adrien Wiesenbach

Lead Acquisition Marketing

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