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Toucan Toco Uses Webinars Throughout Customer Journey

Adrien Wiesenbach, Acquisition Marketing Lead, explains how Toucan Toco uses Livestorm for its marketing webinars, sales demos, and new feature announcements.






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About Toucan Toco

Toucan Toco is a data storytelling software, which allows managers to follow the key figures of the company thanks to the visualization of simple and accessible data. Toucan Toco's customers are present in both Europe and the United States.


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Adoption: all-in-one software and integrated tools

When Livestorm was adopted, Adrien had been responsible for setting up a communication strategy for Toucan Toco. The goal was to streamline processes and unify solutions.

Before implementing Livestorm, Toucan Toco did not have a single solution. Everyone was using their own webinar or video conferencing software, which dramatically increased costs and friction between teams. Additionally, expanding Toucan Toco into Europe and the United States required the ability to easily create webinars in multiple languages.

Livestorm allows Toucan Toco to perfectly meet these needs. Its teams have the capacity to organize webinars in several languages and the all-in-one approach of Livestorm, with its many integrated tools, contributed to the choice of the solution. Adrian explains:

Webinar software is often purely technical, but Livestorm adds a marketing layer with its registration pages, automatic emails or integrated analytics.

After a few months of use, the Toucan Toco teams were convinced and adopted Livestorm for all their webinars.

Objectives: a comprehensive webinar strategy

From customer acquisition to their training, Adrien's mission is to highlight the benefits and impact of Toucan Toco. Therefore, he set up three types of webinars for the different stages of the customer journey.

1. Marketing webinars

The first type of webinar set up by Toucan Toco aims to raise awareness among potential customers. The marketing team creates content webinars related to data visualization and data storytelling, Toucan Toco's core business.

Toucan Toco organizes its webinars in both English and French. The company gathers up to 900 registrations per webinar!

Toucan Toco Webinar

2. Product demo webinars

Once the participants have been made aware of the advantages of Toucan Toco thanks to the marketing webinars, Adrien also uses Livestorm for the organization of demonstration webinars.

The demo webinars make it possible to promote Toucan Toco to managers and decision-makers in the finance, marketing, and HR departments. Adrian points out,

Our face-to-face demos have a strong impact, but now we can also show our solution remotely.

3. Product launch webinars

The Toucan Toco teams also organize product launch webinars for customers. These make it possible to present the new features of the platform and increase their adoption.


Toucan Toco's favorite features

Registration pages

Easily create and customize registration pages that are optimized for conversion.

Email cadences

Send unlimited customized reminders and follow-up emails. Use plain text or custom HTML.


Analyze your events’ engagement data with our powerful reports built into the dashboard.

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Livestorm's integrated tools really stood out when it boiled down to choosing the [webinar platform](To get the same results as Untapped New York, create a free account on Livestorm now.). The team found them very useful!

The Toucan Toco teams like to use the registration pages and email cadences, in particular, which they personalize with the company logo and images. Adrian explains,

Livestorm goes beyond simple streaming, offering a wide range of integrated marketing tools that save a lot of time in organizing webinars.

In addition, Toucan Toco teams also use Livestorm's integrated reporting to track the performance of each event directly on the platform. Adrien uses it to adapt the webinar strategy and constantly experiment.
the use of Livestorm for internal meetings

Now, Toucan Toco also plans to use Livestorm for its online meetings in an effort to continue unifying the company's communication tools into one solution. Adrian comments,

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered Livestorm's solution for online meetings. We needed to unify webinars and meetings and Livestorm covers these use cases.

In the coming months, Toucan Toco will continue to use Livestorm for its marketing webinars and begin using it for internal meetings.

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“Some webinar solutions are purely technical, but Livestorm has a marketing approach that takes care of all the aspects we need.”

Adrien Wiesenbach

Lead Acquisition Marketing

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