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How WPP Shares Knowledge Between 200k Employees

WPP is the world leader in communications services. The group is made of 400 companies across the world. This is how WPP uses Livestorm for their internal communications, sharing knowledge via webinars.







Use case

Company Communication

What is WPP?

WPP is the world leader in communications services.

WPP is made up of more than 400 leading companies across the globe in:

  • Advertising
  • Media Investment Management
  • Data Investment Management
  • Public Relations and Public Affairs
  • Branding & Identity
  • Healthcare Communications
  • Digital, eCommerce & Shopper Marketing
  • Specialist Communications

Help leaders navigate through the WPP network

Initially, Poppy Acton Davis, Global Account Manager at WPP, needed a channel to help WPP's experts and leaders share knowledge and progress in their respective fields. Webinars turned out to be a great way to do this on a global scale, with a minimum effort and maximum efficiency.

We have over 200,000 creatives and professionals doing amazing work and having ground-breaking ideas. Initially, we wanted to help our leaders navigate through this WPP network. Webinars were perfect to do just that. Agencies from all over the globe could then attend or present a one-hour session.

Webinars are indeed a great communication channel for sharing knowledge. This is specifically relevant for large groups like WPP that produce tons of tools, ideas, and content on a daily basis. The real power of such groups come from within, hence the need to build bridges, communicational bridges. The good thing about webinars is that it's a very minimal solution in terms of people, effort, and money but with a very high ROI.

We invite our people from within the company who have achieved something to speak and share what they do. The main value of our live webinars is within the Q&A at the end. [...] Then, we share the recording with everyone, we usually get hundreds of downloads. Also, we know that our speakers are often approached individually to discuss their presentation. So, in the end, those webinars always create conversations within the group which is exactly what we wanted: get conversations started.

At the end of the day, WPP has managed to build a library of internal knowledge thanks to their webinars.

wpp conference

Easy webinars that look good

When you have to scale webinars across an organization of the size of WPP, there two requirements: stability and ease of set up.

Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use [...] It also very flexible because you can change any settings until the webinar starts. Webinars are also easy to replicate, which is a gain of time.

Simplicity is often confused with minimalism, but you can be simple yet powerful and have a well-designed product.

Attendees are getting a really nice look and feel with the registration page and webinar room. Everything looks great.

The learning curve on Livestorm is very fast and the solution is actually intended to be used by everyone. So, getting people to use the platform for other purposes was seamless:

People come to us to learn how to they can do webinars. We have successfully trained people on the platform: it's really easy to use.

Internal webinar promotion at scale

To promote their webinars WPP uses Mailchimp to send an email to thousands of people asking them to register for the webinar. Two weeks before, then Poppy and her team send a reminder and then another reminder before the webinar stars. They also share the webinar with key people within the company so they can they within their own network.

After the webinar, within a week after, we send the webinar deck as well as the webinar recording. Once again, they use Mailchimp with CTAs for the different resources. This is how we track what content is being consumed more.

The content is very appreciated even after the webinar, hence the need of tracking the different resources.

Regarding the number of download after the webinar, we usually get 3x the number of actual attendees.

People come to us to learn how to do webinars, and we have successfully trained people on the platform. Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use.

Poppy Acton Davis' Avatar

Poppy Acton Davis

Global Account Manager

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