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WPP Builds its Internal Knowledge Base with Livestorm

Poppy Acton, Global Account Manager, explains how WPP uses Livestorm to train hundreds of thousands of employees internally through webinars.







Use case

Company Communication

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About WPP

WPP is a multinational that brings together more than 400 communication and advertising agencies around the world. WPP is a leader in the field of communication services, thanks to its network of agencies.

WPP employs more than 200,000 people in 112 different countries.

Adoption: customization and ease of use

Poppy's objective was to extend the webinars across the group in order to train its employees. For proper adoption of the webinar platform he needed stable and easy-to-use software.

Poppy tested several tools and became interested in Livestorm because of its ease of use compared to other solutions on the market. She explains,

Ease of use is often conflated with a minimalist approach, but Livestorm is a powerful and well-designed tool.

The WPP teams appreciate the flexibility provided by Livestorm in terms of customization. In particular, Poppy likes the email, registration page, and event room customization features. She adds,

I am very satisfied with the visual rendering and the user experience.

Objective: internal training of employees

WPP needed support to exploit knowledge internally and share expertise with thousands of employees, as well as group partners.

Poppy explains, "We have over 200,000 communication and media professionals. Every day they generate new communication ideas, they experiment and are at the cutting edge of their craft. We wanted our decision makers to be able to discover these techniques and network with the whole group. Webinars are the perfect channel: our agencies can participate anytime, anywhere."

Poppy and her team, therefore, invite employees who have made an impression with their work to share their experience during an internal webinar. WPP builds a true library of internal knowledge thanks to these training webinars.


WPP's favorite features

Question and answer

Centralize audience questions and answer them through a tab in the event room.

On-demand events

Create on-demand events that participants can join and watch at any time.


Analyze your events’ engagement data with our powerful reports built into the dashboard.

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The WPP teams noticed that the learning curve is very fast on Livestorm. Poppy explains:

Livestorm allows you to configure and duplicate an event in one click. This is a significant time saver!

In addition, for WPP, the value of these internal training webinars also lies in the question-and-answer sessions that take place at the end of the event. Poppy therefore appreciates the features related to questions and answers on Livestorm, such as the following:

  • Questions tab, which is separate from the chat
  • Question upvote feature
  • Live reply feature
  • Ability to sort questions
  • Write response feature

Additionally, Poppy has noticed that webinar hosts are then approached by their colleagues to continue the discussion. She assures, "These training webinars create conversations after the fact, which is exactly the goal".

After the webinar, the recording and the presentation are sent to the participants. The training courses are also available on demand, which makes it possible to feed the internal knowledge base by creating "evergreen" content. Poppy explains,

We have, on average, three times more replay downloads than participants. Therefore, our events have true long-term life.

The WPP teams are able to track performance thanks to Livestorm's dashboard. With source tracking, Poppy knows exactly which content is the most popular. The webinar experience is therefore not limited to live streaming but also lasts over time.

In the months to come, WPP will continue to use Livestorm for its internal training webinars, in order to nurture its knowledge base. Following the success of this format and many requests from her colleagues, Poppy will create a webinar to explain how to set up a webinar strategy on Livestorm.

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“Livestorm is really easy to use and offers a lot of customization. We are very happy with the visual rendering and the user experience.”

Poppy Acton Davis WPP

Poppy Acton Davis

Global Account Manager

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